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I'm clearing out the storage area and have a few things for sale. All items are ready for pickup! I'd prefer not to ship, so local sales will have priority. I've posted up prices that I'm looking to get, but all reasonable offers will be entertained.

RS 6-Spoke wheels - $375 OBO
These are 16x7" 5x100 bolt pattern wheels. Tires included are Hankook W404 Radial M+S (winter) Tires 205/55r16. Not looking to separate. These are wider and lighter than the stock '02-'05 WRX wheels and will clear 4-pot brakes! The condition is very good. Minor curb rash on one wheel and a few nicks here and there. Overall they're in very good shape. Missing one wheel cap, and the tires have a lot of tread life left.
I picked these up from a fellow i-club member last year. I planned to use them for the winter season and then swap them over to my summer tire. They've been sitting in storage unused waiting for me to swap them. I've picked up another set since, so these need to go. This is a great setup for whoever picks them up!

6-Disc OEM Radio-$70 OBO
Original radio that came in the car. Very good condition. I bought my car used with and aftermarket radio already in it. This came with the car, but I've never plugged this in. Has both an old-school tape player and 6-disc CD player.

ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid-$15
Brand new can from I picked up an extra can and it's just sitting around. It's a 1-liter can and should be enough to do a brake flush. Fluid is blue in color and is rated DOT 4.

PPI PAR-245 5-Band EQ-$60 OBO
This EQ is a bit older, but if you search for reviews you'll see that people rave about this EQ. $75 is a steal for this thing. Dual front and rear outputs with a fader control. 16 selectable settings for each band. 3-100kHz frequency range. Green or red indicator colors. This is easy to tweak and looks good installed in the dash. It's a 1/3 DIN. I can include the spacers that go on either side if the buyer wants them.

Aftermarket fog lights-$15 OBO
These are your average off-the-shelf fog lights. Includes all wiring and switch needed to do a complete install. Came with the car when I bought it and were the first thing to come off. I currently can't find the bolts that attach the lights to the bracket, but I'd imagine that replacement ones could be picked up from the local hardware shop easily. I'll keep lookin' to see if I come across them.Here's a link to them on Kragen's website.

Go Fast Bits WRX Hybrid BOV - $75 firm
I'm posting this up for a co-worker, so I'm saying the price is firm since I did not set it. Comes of an 03 WRX. This Subaru-specific GFB BOV is a direct bolt-on for '02-'07 WRXs and 04+ STIs. Can be set to three modes: fully ventilated, 50/50, and fully circulated. Currently set-up for 50/50. The plugs for fully circulated/vented are currently not included (I'll have to ask my co-worker if he has them), but I still think it's a great deal at this price. You'll need to keep your current o-ring that goes between the BOV and the recirc nozzle.

Sti Wagon Pink Springs - $150
I bought these a while back, but have decided to go with another set of springs. The spring rate is about 30% about greater than stock. Spring rates are 223f/192r. I'll get picks up soon or by request.

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