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Well it's time to let her go. This car has been amazing to me but I have an amazing offer on a beautiful built-motor WRX.

Bought this car brand new back in 04. It was one of the first of the 05s in and I had to have it. Note: THIS IS THE SPORT MODEL. It has the upgraded WRX seats and side-skirts, and MOMO leather wrapped steering wheel. It's an automatic as I was going to school in heavy traffic every day.

Details: The car is mechanically in great shape. I worked at Subaru so it got all the best. Regular fluid changes, and every single problem that I could find was fixed. The car will be sold STOCK except for having the aluminum STi hood with reverse scoop and I might leave the rally-armor mud flaps on. I'll be swapping the stock WRX wheels back on for the sale with all-seasons. No engine problems and no transmission problems. I'll be swapping a new cat in to sweeten the deal as well. Figured I might as well do that before warranty is up so whoever gets it next won't have to worry about that.

The Bad: Well this car has been a daily driver. Sadly it has suffered the indignities of the PA roads. It's gotten some cosmetic damage over the years. Never anything major but enough to have me replace some body panels from time to time. Currently it's blemishes include a indent in the trunk (dodge dakota bumped into me) and some dings on the side panels from idiots in parking lots. Nothing major, but certainly worth mentioning to potential buyers.


2005 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS Sport
~67k miles
Platinum Silver Metallic

Excellent mechanical condition

4EAT (Automatic)Transmission
WRX Seats with side air-bags
WRX Sideskirts
MOMO Leather Wrapped Stearing wheel/E-Brake
6-Disc In-Dash CD Changer.

Aluminum STi hood with Aqua reverse scoop (painted to match)
Rally Armor Mudflaps (possibly)


I am looking for somewhere around 10-11k but am willing to entertain any and all offers. Don't be afraid to step up and make an offer!

The closest major city is Pittsburgh, PA. Willing to meet buyer within reasonable distance. Willing to sell to distant buyers but they are responsible for organizing transportation or pickup.

On a side note I'm also willing to entertain offers for an older GC style RS + $7500 cash. The official plan is to buy the WRX (still need $7500 from the sale of this car) and take the leftover money from this RS and put it towards another GC. As long as I get $7500 I'm willing to entertain offers for a GC trade.
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