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I'm selling my white 2000 Impreza wagon with 197k. Actually, 196999 when I parked her yesterday. There's a small stack of parts to go with, since the replacement isn't an Impreza.

Whiteline front/rear sway bars (24mm)
WRX wheels (2 sets)
WRX Brembo brakes
Borla Catback
Cobb intake
Cobb rear strut bar
RS Hood
JDM tails
New Pioneer deck (Not in photos, but available)
oil changes at 3k, not the dealer recommended 5k
OEM rubber mats through out.

rear diff going out (76k replacement already in my possession)
4EAT ( I know, not popular)
driver's seat fabric worn out
wear/tear on driver's door handle
steering rack clunks, I have replacement bushings.

The car, until December, was a DD. I still drive it once in a while to get rid of the "cobwebs." It's a little small for me, though
I love this car, but I don't have the garage or skills to keep it running in the years ahead. I bought this car bone stock, and almost every piece I've pulled off it I still have. It ALL goes with. I removed the roof rack before the pics, because the car sat under a tarp for a while.

Asking $3.5k. Offers will be considered.

Updated, since I've been slow to sell this good little car...


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What this hasn't sold yet?! Once I get my insurance money I'll head up there to buy it!
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