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Front sway bar question

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Due to lack of money I think I am going to be running GS this year in SCCA. So I can legally change my front sway bar, but not my rear. So what performance benefit, if any, would there be if I got a bigger (or smaller) sway bar? I would like a little oversteer if possible, but the only way I know of doing that is with a bigger rear sway bar.

Help me out...

Oh, anyone know of any really stiff struts, that have up to two external adjustments (but no more) that would work good on the track?
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Everything I've read says to stay away from the front swaybar and leave it alone. But take that for exactly what I said "what I've read", I've yet to try it out for myself.

As far as Struts, I'm not sure, I thought you could only do springs in the stock class?
I would definately NOT increase the front bar size unless you are increasing the rear to at least 22mm. Since you will be running GS, you can't touch the rear, however, I would consider either reducing the size of the front bar, or taking it out entirely. Granted you are going to have some fairly heavy body roll, but that is better than the severe understeer issues that you will have otherwise.

I personally think that the 2.5 RS can be a very nasty GS competitor when tuned correctly. A good catback exhaust, upgraded struts, reducing front sway bar diameter, and a good set of slick could make it very competitive nationally with the new class structure.
So who makes a smaller front swaybar?
SPD Tuning ( ) sold them but last I heard Mike isn't in business (for health reasons I believe).
The KYB AGX is the hot strut in GS right now. Like Templar said, struts, cat back,harnesses, slicks and a drop in K&N will put you right in the battle...
Maybe a front sway bar off a L.

When my car was lifted I had a 20mm on the rear and the front was disconected. I think it handled better that way.

Just pull off one of your front end links and go out and drive it and see if you like the differance.
I know that I recently saw someone selling smaller diameter front bars, but I can't recall who it was. I will search around and see if I can find it.
Okay, I couldn't find the shop that I saw selling them, but I did learn that supposedly the front bar off of a 97 and earlier L Impreza is smaller. You might try Teague's Auto or a dealership to get ahold of one.

I do kindof agree with Sean though and you might unhook your stock front bar and take the car out and see what you think.
Don't forget an alignment. If you want to be able to get drop throttle oversteer, or the ass end out under trail braking, give yourself 1/8 degree total toe out front and rear. As you know tire pressure can factor into your spring rates too.


STS 12
I've got one

I have a small front bar, but it's on the car now and I would need a replacement. A stock RS bar would do. If you'd like to trade straight up, I'll take it off and ship it out (with bushings) this week.
Shit. Really? I guess I just learned that my 97 2.2L has a smaller front sway bar than the rest. I am willing to trade straight up now too!! I live in Cali thought which I think is far away from you. Now I guess I am going to save up for a bigger front and rear bar!

So whattaya think James? Would you be interested in trading front bars?
Actually, I'd prefer not to swap, as I like to keep things normal for when Amy drives the car. I'd hate for her to run into problems and wreck and get hurt.

So for now... I think I'll wait... but thanks for the offer! :D
No problem James! said:
Actually, I'd prefer not to swap, as I like to keep things normal for when my wife drives the car. I'd hate for her to run into problems and wreck and get hurt.

So for now... I think I'll wait... but thanks for the offer! :D
hey James! why don't you run in STS? smaller fsb induces oversteers but little more body roll... I am in STS now, but the only mod i have is rsb. Those them RSX-S are kicking my ass. When I first went up against them I was with stock tire. Last time with Falken. Next weekend with my new rsb. I am catching up to them... well, so far, since the last event... Anyways... what i am trying to say is, switching over the STS is not as bad... you can mod your rear and RSX-s are not too hard to catch. then again, i don't know who runs in STS over there. :) good luck!
Actually, I am planning on running STS next weekend. I've recently bought:

Koni struts
Whiteline Front and Rear Strut Tower bars
RS rims (for my RE-730's)
Spark plugs (3 sets, which ever are faster stay on the car)
SPO Motorsports adjustable 19-20-21mm rear swaybar

And I will be getting an intake and some spark plug wires. That should close the gap some. We'll see... :D
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