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well i was checking out my engine bay, making sure everything was still in good shape after the 200mile drive to my new house, after swapping the engine. Everything appeared good with all the intercooler piping connect.I have had the car sitting for a little over a week once we moved, so this is the first time i have looked at it. I decided to remove all the piping in the engine bay to check underneath it - hard with the piping there. Found that the o2 sensor wiring was just about melted and looks as if the ziptie came undone.Cheap ziptires apparently. well the connector and the wires got melted from rubbing on the exhaust. So I went to disconnect it on the o2 side, and the o2 sensor just crumbled into pieces.
I have a brand new 02 sensor, 4wires but no connector. I have no idea which wire goes where when it connects to the bulk harness as the colors are completely different. Here is a picture - can anyone help me and tell me which wire go to ground, o2 signal, and the 2 heater wires ?
The bulk harness has the following wires - black, black w/ blue strip, red, white. anyone know what each color is ?
I have a picture - sorry for the quality, could only find the old camera.

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