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From L to STI...Rear sway bar fix?

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I tried searching through other threads first... Hope this isn't a repeat. I can't be the first person to run into this problem...

I have a '95 Impreza L project. I want to throw on a rear sway bar using heavy duty rear end links. My rear control arms have no brackets to hold the end links. Theres nowhere to put the "u" shaped mounts and bushings on the under body near the rear bumper. I don't want to use the old school close pin looking fix. What have some of you done to make the fix? New control arms? Any drilling? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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I just ran into this exact same problem... I have a 96 brighton and I have no rear sway bar mount on the endlink.... I am currently doing some research and will let you know if I find anything out.
I know the answer to your questions. I started my search for your answers.....I'll be watching. ;)
Thank you for the helpful response search police, I bow down to your seach skills, which are in the 99th percentile and PWN my own. :rolleyes:

Only fixes I found were to get a rear lateral link with the bracket already on there (Any 2.5RS, or other impreza/leggy that came with a rear sway bar). This could be found in a junkyard or online I found it new for about $85 per side. The other option would be to to fabricate some brackets yourself.

I am open to other helpful suggestions if anyone else has found a better solution!
Go to whiteline and order the trailing arm bracket kit....ya know, for those hi-dollar carbon lateral links that can't take the stress of a swaybar mount.

I guess you didn't look deep enough to find the 3-5 threads where I've posted pics of the setup. It's okay though. You seem to have it all under control. kthxbye
Storm, THANK YOU! :)

I seriously have been looking for about 6 hours now. I even searched your posts specifically :blol:

I will be ordering those brackets in about 10 seconds
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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