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hey guys, I know some of you guys don't like I-club, but we're having a meet on Friday the 13th :devil: It's about 50/50 split between rexes and gc8's, so come represent!

Red Rooster Drive-In
Brewster, NY

6:30 / 7ish -?

This is meet #2 for us, we're trying to make it a monthly thing, so the more the better :D Last time we had about 15-16 scoobies, and there's mini-golf and fried food :happynow:

------->684 northbound, follow straight to rt.22 north (turns into Rt.22). Follow that through about 2 lights, Red Rooster will be on the right with a big ass ice cream cone on the roof and cutie girls working behind the counter ;)
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