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Free Roy Dean!

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Free Roy Dean!
Roy Dean is an American motorsport enthusiast and activist. He is a leading I-Club spokesperson for autocross, time trialling, and against the death penalty. He speaks and writes from his cell on I-Club's death row, where he has resided for the past 3 weeks.
"Whatever the cost to me, I knew I had to offer to the world a window into the souls of those who, like me, suffer barbaric conditions on the I-Club." That's how Roy Dean explained in court why he wore the infamous tee-shirt, knowing it would earn him ninety days in the "hole" (solitary confinement) and other punishments. Roy Dean has since begun posting on .

Roy Dean began his motorsports career at age 15 attempting to evade the "Man" on his moped. There he learned the skills needed to maneuver the powerful bike. At the time of his banning, he was President of the Philadelphia Association of Vasoline enthusists. He became known as "voice of the voiceless" for his posts on The I-Club Motorsport and The Tri-State forums, and his bull sessions at the 'Ho. He was known especially for his coverage of classism and posting inequities on the Motorsports Forum.

As an outspoken critic of certain moderators for their online brutality, he was marked as their enemy and targeted for surveillance and harassment. The moderators and FBI watched him throughout the forums in public as shown by 900 pages of FBI files uncovered by Roy Dean's legal team. Although Roy's activities were legal and should have been protected under the First Amendment guarantee of free speech, he was repeatedly arrested on trumped up charges that could not be substantiated.

But when Roy was 25, an incident occurred that finally gave the moderators the opportunity to silence him for good: He was sentenced to death after being declared guilty of poking fun at a moderator and the I-Club its self.

Please, Let the people rise up and show the officials that Roy Dean's persecution will not go unnoticed.

Below is a recent picture of Roy in custody. He is obviously drugged and deeply depressed. We can not let a fellow human be treated this way.


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No justice, No Peace!:boxer:
Yay!! Discontent, punishment, uprising!

Nick C.
you are good at copy and paste
and he's free here, so i don't think posting here will do much good :run:

but he should be free:nuetron:
Looks like a dork to me. I say f-him!
Ah, somebody told me that some jerk was bad-mouthing me somewhere on the board..... and now I come to find out it was only Josh....

Any luck finding an RS?
Banned for life? Good effort. Is there a link to what was said? Or has that all been censored. Email me, post it here, or something. This sounds good.

And no, I haven't found an RS. I mostly gave up, and am still driving the Legend and the truck. I need to get off my arse though, and put both in the paper, and get them gone. General laziness.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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