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Found something cool in Japan today

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You probably expecte a pic, but I dont have one. I found this device which allows you to control damper levels of coilovers from the inside of your car with a single button. Its made by Tanabe and I think its for any damper rate adjustable coilovers w/ the adjuster at the top (on the strut mount). Part of th device goes on top of the mount and a wire ir run into the cabin where theres a controller telling you what setting you are at. It allows you to change damper settings on the fly! and an awesome part is that it doesnt cost too expensive at around 300 bucks. Those crazy wonderful, intelligent Japanese people...:biggest:
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Rancho has been making something like that for trucks for a while. ;)
The rancho truck one requires a small air compressor does it not?
i dont think so. there called rancho RS9000 or 7000. I used to have a Jeep and had the 5000's.
Rancho RS9000 shocks are adjustible, and you buy the kit that allows you to change them inside the cab, IIRC. Arb air-locker differentials require an on-board air system of some sort, either compressor or a storage tank that you make sure is filled.
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