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Is there a new Suby Shop in NorHo?!!! I swear las friday I saw four hooked up WRX's on a trailer and one parked outside on the Curve and today when I cruised by there on my way home from work I saw a WRX wagon on jacks gettin' work done and again a couple of hooked up Subies...if you live in the NorHo area this place is in the corner of Burbank and Laurel Canyon just before the 170 Fwy left hand side if you are traveling west on burbank the place is on Burbank...if this is the case that will be awesome b/c is closer to me anyone who just so happen to cruise by let me know....

--Frank--:checkit: :biggest:

Or again I might've been smoking crack anybody want some??????:biggest: :biggest:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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