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Folding Rear Back Seat?

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Is there a few bolts (maybe 5 or 6) on the rear seat to make the rear seat fold down? It would be more convenient if we could do it (without working on the seat too much). Maybe install a latch to keep the seat from folding down on a hard brake? It'll hold a lot more longer cargo in the impreza RS...
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Have you ever removed your back seat? There's a metal bar or something that would kinda get in the way. It's been a while, so I don't remember too well. I think you could get the rear seat from a wagon or an overseas impreza, but I'm not sure.

Do the Impreza L sedans come with a folding rear seat? I can't remember...
by the way, this question would be better suited for the ICE, Interior and Exterior (Stereo and cosmetic stuff) forum. Whether your car is turbo or N/A doesn't affect your seats... :D
There are five bolts you'll need to undo all togather, and two of them go back in. Take off the lower cushion, then you will see the bolts holding the back cushion on. Remove those bolts, then the back cushion needs to be lifted up off of some hooks that hold it in place. There is also a covering there in the back, and that needs to be attached to the back of the cushion. I've heard that spray-on glue works for that. Once that's done, hang the back cushion back in place, but don't bolt it in. Then put the bottom cushion back, and bolt it into place. Now when you want to put something through the back seat, just lift up the back cushion and lay it on the bottom cushion, and you are all set. And since it's held in place with those hook things, it will stay in place when it is up. Bear in mind, I haven't done this yet, but do plan on it in the future. But right now, my speaker box is kinda held in place by the back cushion, so it needs to stay in place. Hope this helps!
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Hey, thanks. I think I'll try it. How did you know how to do it if you haven't done it before, HondaH8er? ...and uhhh, I guess I did made a little mistake posting it here... :rolleyes:
i've heard that mod before!!

kickin_81 e-mail or PM me if you wants some help!! :sunny:
I've seen it over on I-Club, and want to try it. But I would have to redo the sub box setup to work, and I'm too lazy to do that.:D
Yeah, it does work. I did the same thing in my Grand Am. Just undo the bottom bolts and latch it at the top on the 3 hooks. It actually works really good. I have had to do it to get my Snowboard in the car, but usually i just take it out all together when i go to the mountain.
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