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We are beginning to roll out some changes to our suspensions. Some of it is happening now, and should be fully implemented by May 1st, 2016.

Read about the changes here:
Product Update : Flatout Suspension

What to expect:

1) New color scheme; Silver top mounts, Silver collars/ perch, Silver lower mount. Reservoirs will also be silver.

2) New springs; we have switch suppliers and are proud to announce that all springs will be supplied by HyperCoils (they also supply NASCAR springs and are very active in motorsports and make excellent products.) The new springs will be a dark blue. On our systems that feature a helper/ tender spring, those will still be our signature lime green color.

3) New shock casing; we are still offering the same design threaded shock casing, but the new coating should help prevent seizing for the winter climate customers.

4) New shock valving on the R variants; slightly softer on the valving

5) Slightly revised lower mount on the R variants; reduced the size of the mounting tabs to making sourcing hardware (camber bolts) to install easier. Also changing the center gusset to 45* instead of horizontal.

6) On GC and GD R variants, the front spring has been swapped from 12" to 10" to allow for better ride height adjustment. This allows to suspension to still be properly preloaded to allow the maximum available bump travel while retaining maximum droop travel.
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