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Of course the original plastic fuel door broke years ago (latch post snapped off), and I got several more years of use from a junkyard replacement. Then one windy winter day, I popped the door just as a big gust of wind came up from the right (or, wrong) direction…sounded like a plastic drink bottle hit the car, but based on timing and awareness of the door's fragility, I knew what to expect. This one snapped off cleanly at the hinge supports. Two Aegean blue doors, broken in two different places.

Being cheap (this is a daily beater w/ 425k, used like a truck on weekends) and yet not wanting my car to look completely ghettofabulous/embarrassing, a fix was needed.

I recycle my scrap metal, so had some old stainless steel wiper blade supports, which seemed like they had potential. A few minutes fabbing new hinges and reinforcements, some quick-setting epoxy, and we're back in business. Also reinforced the fragile thin-wall projections (e.g., latch post) for reliability. Fits/works/looks (from outside) like factory, and has held up great for over a year; I fill up every 5-7 days, so has seen plenty of use. I didn't fix the one corner support for the rubber bumper; works fine without it.


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