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first pics of my car

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with my New DigaCam :)

Does this look like 7 Grand?
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Granted, I wish it was under better Circumstances

They gotta drop the Engine and Trans. Anything to make a buck:mad:
the Tires that were on at the time. Go figure

Nice huh! Anyone want some nice RE730 Slicks?

my buddy runs a shop...

he's says look like MORE than 7 G's hehe

Good Luck
give me your driver side foglight :)
Nothing is wrong with the driver's side. You can always go to faulkner and rip it off. I don't care. Just don't scratch the paint :)
damn that makes me damn near cry ...but now we know who's gonna get third at carlisie this year.
my sister's boyfriend saw your car at Faulkner. He works there. Maybe I can have him take the fog light off? I just don't want him to get in trouble if he takes a part to your car. Are you serious that he can have it?
i think he means steal it but don't get caught, am i right?
yeah i would have to agree with you there trojan.
I think he means steal it.

That really sucks man. Sorry.

Doug glad to see you somewhere, anywhere. Let us know when you wanna hang again.

to answer your question, yes that looks like 7 grand
:stupid: :stupid: :stupid: pat qua now whoring...yo im me dude mcu81 on aol im bored as shiznut
What are you talking about? Get to work! Wait... you're in school. Do some homework!

1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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