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I changed the oil myself for the first time today.
I always thought that it's better to take it to the
experts. they deal with the fuss and muss and I pay
them for their "expertise".

Everybody's always telling me to not trust others to change your oil because you never get to know your car and for other reasons. so today, I figured it'd be a piece of cake.
I was wrong. I got a Drakenparts front skid plate with the holes cut in it for the drainplug and the oil filter, so that I can leave
the skidplate on when I changed the oil.
Bad idea! Oil dripped onto the plate and then it started dripping all over the garage floor and it turned into a real mess.
i don't know what happened because the car was on jackstands and the garage is level. anyway 3 hours of work later and the mess cleaned up I started the engine and no leaks. after a drive and a few more hours pass, no leaks :cool:

I recommend everybody to change their own oil
if they want to get to know their car a little bit better.
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