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First drag race experience

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Farmington Dragway here in NC was open to some people this evening so I decided to head out. I have a 2000 RS w/exhaust and that's it. Farmington is only a 1/8 mile track which kinda sucks but what are ya gonna do.
Anyway, my average reaction time was .948 with a best of .436! But a worst of 1.457 (fell asleep waiting for the lights I guess.) My average 1/8 mile time was 10.513 with a best of 10.259 and a worst of 10.774.
Overall I had a good time, drag racing kinda sucks though compared to auto-x and track racing unless you've got a lot of horsepower I guess. The most fun I had was racing this riced out Escort and a buddies CSP CRX. The Escort got me one time because my hand slipped as I was shifting into 3rd, hence the 10.774 run. But I got him every other time. The best race against the CRX ended up with a 10.284 for me and a 10.289 him! He had a .880 reaction to my 1.023. Good times.
There was one other Scooby out there. A 00RS with carbon fiber hood and NAAAAAAAWS! We never lined up against each other as he tore up his tranny during a run, whoops.
Oh well, it was fun but I doubt I'll be out there again any time soon.
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this is an auto right?
nope, 5 speed
I haven't taken my baby out yet to the Drag Strip...I have done some engine work CAI, and Exhaust I'm wondering what would my 1/4 or 1/8th would be?!
yeah, i was curious how these times would translate into 1/4 mile times. By the looks of them, not very good.
sorry double post


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Evan: What RPM did you lounch at? and what were your 60ft. times. It takes some practice but ones youve nailed the lounch then thats pretty much what makes the time. Whith some practice you should be able to bring that down some.
MY02 TS wagon-
Homemade intake only

2.222 60ft
6.531 330ft
10.168 660ft (1/8mile)
13.284 1000ft
15.961 1320ft(1/4mile)@84.61mph

It was 50 deg out with about 70% humidity. Launched at 4000rpm and shifted (like a granny)at 6000rpm. I got to let the clutch out slower to let it slip more. I just end up dumping it.

I've been to farmington to the race on thankgiving weekend. Good track with good racers in super pro/class 1. And the krispy kremes taste better down south also.


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best run was:
1.023 reaction
2.081 60 ft
6.578 330 ft
10.284 1/8 mile
67.623 mph

I was launching at around 3000, I got better times the slower I let the clutch out, dumping it didn't do much.

I say around a 16.10 for you. You got to look at the weather and track elevation before you can compare to someone else. I wish I had a 2.08 60ft. What were you shifting at? Was the motor pulling all the way to redline? Or did it fall off over 5200 rpm.
Dude! I'm sorry not to put our cars down I mean I love them but My cousin who has a '91 Supra with a Re-manufactered Turbo @ 15psi with a straight 3 inch downpipe (no cats!) is running low 14's 1/4 Miles at 105mhp (this is about 2 months ago, he also had a shitty clutch then!) I just find it kind hard to believe that our cars would be in the 15's range or maybe I'm under-estmating subaru and have not a clue as of what our babies are capable of...maybe I need to experience first hand...
umm yeah they run high 15's stock, except for the 98's iirc and anywhere from low 14's to high 15's with n/a mods, that I've seen personally and have vid. tape of. I have timeslips and videotape to prove my times and I suck at the dragstrip.

I think your supra friend just doesn't know how to drag.

Remember boys and girls you're only as fast as you can drive your car.
FRAKK's2.5 said:
I haven't taken my baby out yet to the Drag Strip...I have done some engine work CAI, and Exhaust I'm wondering what would my 1/4 or 1/8th would be?!
your 10.7 would be ~16.5 probly, 10.5 would be roughly ~16.2 (when i once ran a 16.17 once with an absolutely horrible 2.7 60' my 1/8 was 10.54, but i still trapped at 69mph), 10.2 would roughly be a ~15.9. not so hot. my 15.2 had a 9.6 1/8 th. my 9.8's were 15.4's and my 9.9's were 15.5's.
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