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Finally found a nice warm place!

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Well, I finally moved to Goldsboro from North Dakota and I'm already loving it. I can deal with the warm weather, even hot, but screw that -30 thing.

So, where's everybody at? Anything going on? It seems like I've got the only RS in this town. Nobody here's seen one before. It's kinda cool because it reminds me when I bought the car new and nobody had seen it in L.A..

Anyway, just looking for stuff to do, people to meet, autocrosses, etc.

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Well, welcome to NC (if it is Goldsboro NC and not GA). I don't know anyone quite in that area, but there are a few RSs in the Raleigh area, and Snowman is in Fayetteville. We hope to see you at some of the meets here and there.
The Dragon is one of the most awesome pieces of road in the United States. Starting in 2001, we began having annual Subaru meets there one weekend a year. Here is the information on this years meet.

If you want to meet fellow Subaru enthusiasts and can make the meet it will be worth the trip.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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