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Fidanza Flywheel

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Holy Forking Schmidt,

Talk about awesome throttle response, massive pickup, and a HUGE improvement in acceleration, just strap a 9.3 lb flywheel in your sled boys and girls. This morning Pleiades and I pulled through third gear against each other and it was pretty much a dead heat. Tonight, after the new clutch and flywheel, under almost identical circumstances my car pulled away very definately. The car feels very sweet, now I just have to get the Kompresser bolted in.
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Templar said:
now I just have to get the Kompresser bolted in.
:devil: :devil: :devil:

Would that imply that the S/C is of German origin?

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Good to Know since that is a pretty new flywheel on the 2.5RS market. I think there is a GP going on on the i-club right now on them

I have found only one drawback to this flywheel. As you may or may not know one of the reasons to have a heavy flywheel is quiet engine vibration, especially during engine braking. Well under engine braking in the RPM range of around 2500 to 3200 you get a little engine vibration, the only real problem is that it resonates at a frequency that causes the dash board and trim to buzz sort of annoyingly. Oh well, I will put up with that because it feels like I am putting around 15 or 20 more horses to the ground now.:happynow:
9.3LB?? Wow.. That is pretty light. I have a 13.9LB Exedy Flywheel and noticed a huge response. I can just imagine what that extra 4.6LB makes.:)
I wouldnt worry about the shaking, that just means that everything is working. I have been told in the past that having a flywheel that is less than 12lbs should be used for off-road purposes only due to lack of control. ?? Any trouble with control?? :)
Let me answer that!

YES! But is has nothing to do with the flywheel! :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

I think it was something to do with the lose nut behind the wheel! :lol: :lol: ;)
Okay, to be a little more serious. No I have had no problems with control at all. It is a little hard getting used to the new clutch and flywheel at the same time. I think I am finally starting to figure out how long the clutch throw actually is, and how much accelerator I need to put in. I still get the shakes on some startups from time to time though.

And as far as pleiades is concerned, I have this to say.

Hello Pot, this is the kettle calling...
is that flywheel lighter than the jun
To the best of my knowledge the Fidanza is the lightest flywheel currently on the market for our cars. It is two piece made of billet T-6065 aircraft aluminum with a heat shrunk ring gear, attached by aircraft quality screws. The contact plate is forged chromolly, so you don't have to worry about the super harsh engagement of aluminum.

Check here for details about their products. Subaru isn't listed yet, but believe me, they have them.
9.3 lbs?!? do you get whiplash when you let off the throttle? :biggest: i'm planning to get the exedy one myslef. what clutch are you using?
yea, and where did you get it installed? i don't think this is something you can do yourself huh?

how much was it?
did you buy it with the clutch?
I am using the ISR Performance clutch disk from ISR. It is used with the stock pressure plate, but can hold up to 300 lb/ft of torque. I purchased the flywheel from Bottle at Titan Motorsports. It was $350 shipped.

Actually, myself, Scooby South, Pleiades, and my Fiance E-Beth installed the clutch and flywheel last Saturday. It took us 5.5 hours to do it, and that includes miscellanious smoke breaks for those two, and about a half hour for breakfast. I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself, unless you have at least one person helping who has done it a couple of times before, and a decent garage with a lot of tools.
I've ridden in it. It's amazing.

Feels like it added 15 horses. I'm also a big fan of the abrupt off-throttle deceleration. It'll be fun in the twisties! Liftoff oversteer is just a twitch away!

Riding with Kent is not advised for those with a heart condition or a family history of stroke. Antacid tablets will be provided for those with ulcers or weak girly stomachs.
I ordered my flywheel!! And ACT clutch!!

I will keep everyone posted when I get this Installed. I am A salesman at Stohlman Subaru. I know a Master tech and he is going to install my STi Tranny Mount, clutch and Flywheel!!
I also have STi motor mounts i need to install as well..
Richie Hanna
I hope that flywheel makes a noticable difference...
:run: :p
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