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FHI 20mm yes or No?

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just ordered a FHI 20mm bar it should be inn early next week. Is there much difference between manufacturers, quality wise. I haven't paid yet so I can still go another route. All tips appreciated.

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The only advantage I can see with going through a different manufacturer is that you can opt for pretty colors or an adjustible bar. :)

With the FHI bar you can't tell it's there unless you're looking for it (except when driving it)
You made the right choice. horatio is right in that the comparison really comes down to color or adjustability.


There's also the issue of proper fitment. The FHI bar will be the best fit of all, since it's a genuine Subaru part. You should NEVER have any problems with it whatsoever. Whereas with one like my Whiteline rear 18-22mm adjustable, their R&D department messed up a little and made the droplink mounting holes slightly too big. So a common problem for we Whiteline rear sway folks is that we have to tighten up the nuts occasionally, else there's a weird *clunk* noise, usually heard around slow sharp corners, in like parking lots and such.

No such problem exists for Cusco bars, but the FHI is still the best choice, IMO.

I bought my FHI 20mm a few months ago used for about $50. It was black and dirty so I cleaned it and had it powder coated red. It looks great and completely transformed the car. It really helped with the understeering problem. It fit perfectly. It should have been my first mod. Have fun with it.

I have the same one

I have FHI 20mm sway bar
happy with it...
who cares about color
I too have the FHI 20 mm bar, It fit great, no problems installing it, and If you want to, you could clean and paint it any color you want. I leave mine black, that way I don't have to clean it, and cops don't hassle me about having modified suspension...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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