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feeling the g-force?

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if three cars line up together.

Lets say they all have the same tourqe and HP. Does the driver feel more initial g-force with FWD and/or RWD vs AWD?
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If you are talking about acceleration g-forces, it depends. If it's a really sticky surface, the rwd will probably have the most force, but on a more normal surface, I'd have to say the awd. The fwd is just going to lose traction on acceleration, due to the weight shifting away from the drive wheels, no matter what the surface. Of course, this is all conjecture, but I've owned all three, and my Subaru feels like it can pull about hard as my Camaro did (305 V8, AT), and the Camaro had more power. My old VW Golf pulled good, especially after the sports cams, but not like the rwd or the awd.
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