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Okay guys...I'm working on some more stuff for the website. The business is Joel's, and I'm just trying to cover the web end of things. I've reviewed some emails and I'm putting together a faq page.


What would you guys like answered in it? We've got turbo types covered, piping diameters, intercooler availability, coatings, fuel enrichment...I'm only one guy tho! What would you as John Q Public like answered about bolt on turbo kits and performance figures?


Dyno results are still on hold for the moment. We all have lives and it IS the holidays! Personally, I'm working 60-70hr weeks at the moment (temporarily.) and build this site in my spare time. Cooler Java stuff is coming very soon :). As a programmer, I have a question about browser compatability and what most of you out there are running. IE 4 is about 4 years old and is neccessary for java applets and such to run. The site is down at the moment, so give our host time to come back up. Hopefully it won't be long.

Gary (Webmaster)
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