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Falken Azenis RT-615 Review

I bought Falken RT-615s in the size 235/40/17 on some brand new 17x8 OZ Ultraleggeras in January of 2008 and took them off in April of 2009.

Car Setup:
17x8 OZ Ultraleggeras +48
235/40/17 Falken Azenis RT-615s
KYB AGX struts
5Zigen (at first) / SPT (now) springs
-1.75 front camber
-0.75 rear camber
0 toe all around

What tires I had before: 215/45/17 Goodyear GS-D3s on 17x7 OZ Superleggeras

What tires I have now: 245/40/17 Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R on 17x8 OZ Ultraleggeras

Dry Grip: They were a big step up from GS-D3s but Im sure some of that was from the 20mm more tread. I did not really have any problems with the infamous "greasiness when hot" until my friend and I autocrossed in the same run group and had less then a minute in between runs. During some pretty hard mountain runs and other autocross without a co-driver I was has no problems with greasiness though. The wider RE-01Rs seem to another step up in dry grip from these though.

Wet Grip: They didnt seem to be as good in the wet as the GS-D3s (which were very good in wet) and the RE-01Rs but I never drive hard or do anything stupid in wet conditions. It didnt really bother me at all but I guess it could be nice to know you have some extra traction if you need to use some defensive driving. I did have to drive with my RT-615s at the wear bars when there was a few inches of snow out...never again they were beyond terrible.

Steering Response: Compared to the GS-D3s the steering response seemed a little sluggish and the sidewall seemed softer. It seems about identical to the RE-01Rs I have now.

Tread Life: My RT-615s lasted somewhere around 13,500 miles until they were almost completely bald. I did have several mountain runs and around 10 or so autocrosses on them. Another thing to keep in mind is that these have 8/32" of thread new and most other tires have 10/32".

Road Noise: As with any extreme performance summer tire road noise is rather loud but it seems that when I got my RE-01Rs they were much quieter. Im sure some of that was contributed by the fact that the RT-615s were bald when I took them off but I dont remember them being as quiet as the RE-01Rs are or the GS-D3s were.

Price: I always look for sales when I am buying tires so I got these tires for $106 per tire (IIRC) with free shipping from . I also got my GS-D3s for $66 per tire + shipping and the RE-01Rs for $116 per tire + shipping from

Other Notes: The tread pattern on these tires looked sick and makes the tires look very meaty. The 245/40 RE-01Rs dont look as wide as the 235/40 RT-615s but they definitely are wider based on clearances. The optimal tire pressures I found were around 40 psi front and rear. I know optimal pressures will vary based on suspension setup, driving style, etc. but a lot of people ask this question so I figure I would include it.


Comparison between 215/45 GS-D3s and 235/40 RT-615s

Rear strut clearance

Feel free to add your own review or ask any questions.

*Ill edit this review as I find mistakes and remember something I left out.*

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i haven't had a chance to use these tires on my GC yet, but i have used them on my corolla. great bang for buck tires. the only thing i didn't like about them is they warm up period. driving some track events @ night causes my car a bit of understeer at the beginning of the event, after a few runs the tires finally start gripping. they are AWESOME in the canyons (but nothing compared to the first generation Azenis).

they aren't that great of a tire to run at the track either. alot of my other friends have had the tires break loose when the tires get to warm. this is a pretty common problem with Falken tires (azenis or ziexs) there they don't do very well in high temperatures. the rubber and tread tend to rip off prematurely.

all in all, these tires are the best bang for buck and are readily available at all your retailers. i've also heard through the grapevine that they are developing the successor to the RT-615s. expect to see them out by the end of the year or sooner.

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and another place to get the 615's for cheap is

when i had them on my corolla, they lasted 15,000 miles with 5 auto-x and many mountain runs. they got greasy on my at the enduro auto-x after a solid 2 mins of heavy braking and hard driving.

I never found mine to be too noisy. for the price and there grip, well worth it.

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finally done with the 235s and on to the 245s like you kept talking about ... nice writeup
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