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Open cup holder. Locate and remove two (2) factory screws on
left and right of cup holder. These screws hold trim bezel that surrounds
the radio and shifter in place. Set screws aside. Lift front
of rubber section that surrounds shifter(manual transmission)
(Plastic trim bezel on automatic transmission) to locate and
remove two (2) screws [one (1) on right and one (1) on left.].
Using the interior hook tool, pry up on trim bezel by shifter. Clips
will release. Lift up and turn bezel towards your self to get out of
the way.Locate and remove four (4) factory screws holding in the ashtray,​
cigarette lighter, cup holder, and radio assembly. Slide unit out. Goodluck.

-Alan...thanks to Pro-Fit International for information.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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