EZ30D swapped, mated to a stock 4.11 5-spd and Kaaz rear LSD with around 10k miles since Rallispec rebuild. JDM DCCD center differential wired to a MapDCCD controller. Full GD STI suspension with AST 4100 coilovers (technically TiC SSTs.) 4/2 pot brakes. A/C works, but currently needs a condensor.

Full build list here with images:

I've daily'd the car for the last 7 years or so and have replaced nearly every piece of the car. I'd prefer not to sell it but it shouldn't be driven every day anymore, while the chassis is very saveable, so it has to go. It just passed inspection, too. There's much too much to list here, but I'm happy to speak in person.

I built the car to serve as a daily and as a track rat, so it's stiff and relatively loud. It has a few rattles from trim pieces and the sunroof doesn't work, but everything else functions as it should. 22B stainless door stills, A.P. Rally fog lights, a Sparco harness bar, and a Sparco seat base will come with it but aren't on the chassis atm.

It has a bunch of JDM goodies, as it was my goal to build the 3.0RS that the factory never did. V6 STI cluster is wired to the '98 dash harness through an iWire jumper, DCCD cluster is wired through the MapDCCD. Shifter and radio trim are the matching blue pieces. Seats are from a UK Turbo 2000, bought from Peter Bell. No rips or tears.

The exterior is a mix of bits; V4 front bumper, smooth rear, and a V6 grille. Hood was recently replaced as the previous had a heft tree branch fall on it. Plastic quarter window trim bits need new seals, but what coupe doesn't? There's also some road paint splatter along the driver's side.

I'm looking for $9000 obo. Shoot me an offer; it needs to go. Willing to trade for a C7 Audi A6, W212 E-Class wagon, a manual E91/E61, or any Porsche. Selling as is.