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i'm cheap, so i cruised down to my local pepboys and picked me up a good old $20 cherrybomb exhaust. the guy ran it through the computer, got my size, all that. when i got it home, i realized there is no way to take off the muffler without going all the way back to the flange. and even if i did manage to get an assload of flexpipe and all, how do i get the exhaust to stay in place? i heard from one (severely brain-damaged) friend that i need to cut the welds on the old hanger-things from the stock muffler and re-weld them onto the new one. and that would just suck. please tell me he is wrong. now keep in mind i have NO money to work with here, what should i do, and how do i fix this problem?


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jack it up. You can drop the entire exhaust in < 20 from start time once you have done it once.

Bring it to an exhaust shop to weld.... well thats a few $. You want to run that in your midpipe I guess?
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