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Exhaust installation

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Hiya all... I got a new performance muffler and I was wondering if anyone had a place to recommend about 30 miles south of San Francisco. Any thoughts on places to get it installed?
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do it yourself :biggest: you can go to bill and chris' install fest and they can do it for you. it's not that hard. i did mine without raising the car.
Step 1: Day before you plan to put the new exhaust on, go buy some Liquid Wrench (like WD40, only better for loosening bolts) and totally soak both sides of the two bolts holding your stock muffler on. Let it soak for a day. While you're at the store, buy two new stainless steel automotive grade bolts to replace the ones you are about to take off the car.

Step 2: Crawl under car or put it up on ramps.

Step3: Use socket wrench with a pipe attached, or a breaker bar to take off the bolts.

Step 4: Take old muffler out of the rubber hangers and put the old one in. You might be able to reuse the gasket from the stock connection, but a new one couldn't hurt.

Have you checked ? I know I saw a writeup with pictures for exhaust install somewhere.

Well... as far as the exhaust goes it's probably going to need a new pipe from the manifold. The angle that it comes down from the back is a bit too sharp..... so the stock pipe may need to be bent... or... maybe a larger pipe installed to the muffler.
more jabber :)

And where is that bill and chris's place? :)
Re: exhaust

bill's is in san jose, so it's kind of a drive. but it's a lot of fun since you'll get to meet a boat load of enthusiasts. i don't have his address on hand, but i can get it for you. also, there is a pretty good muffler shop like a mile from bill's that you can head on over to if need be.
Cool.... thx :) I'll look it up in the yellow pages :)
DragonRM said:
Cool.... thx :) I'll look it up in the yellow pages :)
bill and chris are 2 real people who do crap out of their garage (well, bill's garage)
well... might have a little trouble finding it they hehe... I'll keep looking around.
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