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Exhaust Install Question

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Ok, so I have Kartboy Hangman exhaust hangers and the full header-back Brullen exhaust system showing up tomorrow :drool: Any tips on how to install them all? Obviously, I should take the old stuff off first :biggest: But should I fully assemble the exhaust and put the hangers on the exhaust before sliding it under the car? Or is it better to put the hangers on the car and put the exhaust on piece by piece? My plan was to put everything together and tighten everything before putting it under the car, but I figured I'd see if anyone has some tips for me.
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I would say put the hangers on first then attach the mid-pipe to the can and have a go at it. Doing the stromsung that way with borla headers took bugbomb, konkiler and me about 30 min to put them on. It was mostly bugbomg and konkiler their brothers and work well together, good people since I was mechanically challenged then but I am working on it.
The midpipe hanger is the hardest one to attach. Just keep that in mind when you do the install. Here's how I did it when the system was on the car if this will help:
I ended up having to get longer bolts for my mid-pipe to cat when I put my Brullen on. The stock ones probably would have gone on, but I didn't feel like giving myself a hernia pushing them in to get the nuts started, and it would have completely collapsed the springs anyway, defeating the purpose of having the springs. I suggest getting bolts long enough to allow the springs to be 3/4 compressed when the bolt is fully tight.
Thanks guys. Related question...what torque values for the header to engine bolts? The instructions don't have that info.

I got the headers yesterday and the cat-back should arrive today. Unfortunately, the headers are missing a gasket, so no install this weekend. :mad:
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