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Exhaust Back Fire....

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Ok! you guys here is the Deally' yo' the only engine mods that I have on my ride are Weapon R intake (Soon to be Injen Cold Air Intake) and an A'pexi N-1 exhaust which by the way is great!! I can really feel the difference anyway...the only problem that I have is that I'm back firing a lot and this seems to be getting louder and louder, is this normal??? for those of you who have exhausts are you guys experiencing the same thing? I thought that this might be casued by the type of fuel I use which is 89 or better no 87 I think the only time I've used 87 is about 3 months when I could not afford to do anything...anyway could this be a good reason why I'm back firing anyway...for all you Thread Stealing Fools out there (Richard!!!!!!!):curse: :biggest: :happynow: if you are planing on stealing my thread please do so in style and stay on TOPIC!!!!!! :curse: anyway Sean! any input???

--Frakk--PutIn' dEez iN yO' MoUfF...
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I-Club was down last night, as I am sure you all know by now... software and hardware upgrades apparently... Cool! :)
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