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There is an EVO school coming to Buckingham airfield on 10/31 phase 1 and 11/1 phase 2. Prices are 250.00 per day. I'm goin to Phase 1 I think I'm the third person to sign up and I guess we need 12 minimum. Thats one instructor for 2 drivers. They say alot of people wait until last minute to sign up so Im not worried yet.

We will be driving our butts off because Evo school Friday, Test and tune/novice school or Phase 2 Saturday, and points/full course Sunday.

Hopefully I'll see some of you there. If any first timers were thinking of going out I couldn't think of a better time than Saturday test and tune 20.00 includes lunch you get 3 runs and every time you work the course you get two more.

I can answer some questions but most are answered at

Thanks Joe
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