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With only 795 members, this place is pretty small to begin with. Then with all of the forums to post to, it makes it seem much slower. Some of the forums go days and weeks without replies. The complexity probably turns some people away too. I know I don't have the time and patience to check through all the different forums.

I think it would atleast seem a lot more active if there were a much simpler layout. Like what the I-club was before it got huge.

Do we really need an SCCA and a Motorsports forum. All of the off topic forums could be combined to one. I'm sure we could get by with 1 technical forum like the I-club originally had, but it is kind of nice having this area split up so I'm not complaining so much about that.

I don't know if I'm the only one who feels this way or not. It's just a suggestion.
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