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Delayed by a day.... but.. here's all I got for now. I had to redo a few install but will take some more pics and write a proper post like you know I can.


Clean, has a lot of the parts I've fantasized about over the years.

What's next?


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The paint came out excellent, looking really good! People kept sassing me that my car was a show car(you may get the same lol). First thing I did when I finished it was take it to the track ahahah! I know you do motorsports with your too which is awesome! its totally possible to have a track car that looks nice too.:banana:

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Quarter Panel Swap + So much more

So here we are. It's been 7 years, and since then the car has completely transformed for sake of the elephant in the room, that rear quarter panel. Now me, like most of you guys/gals reading this I am sure are of similar fashion where you can see the end result of a project while it's still in it's heap of garbage phase. With this car that has always been the case and while it certainly takes it's time, I am damn good at making things happen that I want, and I am just so glad that I did.

I'm sure you're sick of the sappy stuff, but c'mon, if you've read any other lengthy post in this journey you'd already be expecting that. That being said let's get into the meat of it.

For the past few YEARS I've been collecting new parts to do a "one and done" do-over of the entire car including everything I've always wanted. What I managed to gather brand new I've listed out many time before, but for those reading this (hopefully) years in the future who only stumble upon this post i'll recap:

-OEM driver's side QP
-OEM fenders
-OEM bumper
-OEM JDM Aluminum hood
-JDM Rear Glass w/ wiper
-JDM rear parcel shelf for the wiper
-Genuine V5/6 STi lip
-Door moulding deletes, however this was just body work to be done.

Some pictures below:

As with everything, there's always a story and I don't remember if I ever told the story on how I got some of these parts... so I'll reiterate.

The quarter panel is by far the most interesting one. This was in 2015 and all started when I saw a 2.5 RS for sale on a local craigslist. Unfortunately, as many do it was eaten away by rust. The guy mentioned in his ad that he had two new OEM rear QPs and showed some pictures in it, so being that annoying guy I shot the guy a text and asked if he'd want to get rid of the one side I needed, or both of em. He said he didn't really want to, which was totally fair and I wrote it off. A few weeks later I had seen the car again on craigslist still and I shot the guy a text again saying I'd give him a fair chunk of cash for em. He responded saying that he actually had sold the car and the new owner had them, so I kindly asked if he would feel okay giving me the new owner's number to me to which he did. I gave that guy a buzz and he was in Ohio somewhere and absolutely wanted to sell me the quarter panels. Wonderful! I didn't know how I'd get them, but I needed to get them fast before someone else showed interest as he had just put them up for sale.

Sometimes in life, certain things just work out. I'm not smart or wise enough to know if that's for a reason, but when things work out you should always take it and let it run it's course.

That weekend, my dad would be in Kentucky helping my sister move into a new apartment with a big conversion van. On his way back he happened to be driving right by Mr. QP's house that was right off the highway. Bingo. I couldn't have planned it better. He stopped by and my bedroom that I wasn't using at the time was now filled with half a Subaru. I ended up selling the other side I didn't need to Steven for his also RBP coupe, and I don't think it could have gone to a more deserving home. So that's the QP out of the way.

The rest of the new OEM body parts I ordered through Oakos who was MORE than helpful with accommodating me, and even storing stuff in their warehouse for toooo long (thanks Nick and Dan, I love you). The hood was actually kind of interesting in the sense that it was sitting at Oakos for just over a month if I remember right, and the only vehicle I could get to pick it up was a prototype/test vehicle from my father's work that was all instrumented out for some testing. So that was a fun pickup!

The JDM glass came from a lovely gentleman from Canada who's V4 STi was hit. I can't remember his name, but he was SUPER nice and helpful in making sure the glass that had such a long journey already made it to it's final destination. Thank you mister Canuck. You mean a lot to me.

Moving right along.

I went to the bodyshop that I had do my roof after my extreme happiness for them to work with a very particular me, and letting me see things during the meat of it all.

I loaded up the good ol' Mazda 3 and headed on down the the shop to let me do their work.

A week and some change later, I headed on back to drop off the rear glass as I wanted it to be in it's own load to move. It really didn't fit well in the Mini and it was a super nerve-wracking drive.

When I got to the shop I was lucky enough to see the car in it's most taken apart shape ever! I didn't plan the trip to see everything inside, but I am so glad I did. It was beautiful. Everything about it was beautiful. The damage was exactly as I had expected and there wasn't any rust that wasn't on the surface and easily fixed to be found. Seeing the car like this sort of validated me picking up the car with the damage but no rust, and I was so re-energized to do everything.

The next two weeks were full of more anticipation than getting ready to jump out of a plane, into a volcano, full snakes. I couldn't wait.

When the time came to pick up the car, my father and I drove down to the shop. The shop is located kind of down a hill, and you can see the building as you approach it and that building blocks their parking lot. As we saw the building come into view my dad said "do you think it'll be parked right out front" and as the lot came into view it was sitting right there and I'm pretty sure I just let out a squeal instead of anything audibly English. The car looked fantastic.

I'll cut to the chase. Here's the bad camera phone pictures. The same as posted above, but again.. for those of you in the back...

The car didn't even feel like mine at first. The dent had become such a characteristic of MY car that it was almost weird to see it without it. I'm still overcome with emotion that I don't really have quite the right words to say.

Since the car has been back in my hands, I've put on the V6 lip and redone the hood stuff (new lines/seal/clips/etc) and put in a few things for the rear wiper. That will all come in a later post though.

I also need to get the sideskirts and such painted. It's a weird situation why they weren't.

I'm sure I've got more to say, but that's the story I've got for you now.
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