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They call me Garrett
98 RBP V4 STi Swapped RS
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------Most Recent Picture------

So, this is my second RS. Not much else to say. All of the info from my first RS can be found here:

So. On with it.

This is my 1998 Impreza RS in Rally Blue Pearl. Look at the table of contents for everything, and each link will bring you to that specific post. I've tried to keep this tidy for my own recollection, and hopefully it helps others too.

------Table of Contents------

-V8 EJ207 STi Swap

1. Version 8 JDM STi EJ207 Swap
2. Wrapping up some wiring and IACV fail
3. IACV Fix + Headlight fix and more tape


1. RS25 Sticker Added
2. Full Amber Corners
3. Front Aeroguards
4. WRX Pedals
5. JDM Smooth Rear Bumper + beam and Spats
6. V6 Lip
7. HKS Carbon Ti
8. JDM STi Carbon Fiber Strut Brace
9. Version 6 STi Trunk and Spoiler
10. 05 WRX 11/16 Clutch MC
11. Prodrive P7 Wheels w/ Nitto Neo Gen Tires
12. Grimmspeed Antenna Delete
13. 06 STi Brake MC/Booster
14. STi Fender Badges
15. JDM V5 STi Gunmetal Radio Surround, Shifter Trim and Cig Lighter Light
16. 2002 USDM WRX Gas tank and 05-07 STi Fuel Sender + Surge Box
17. "OEM" Keyless Entry
18. Version 4 STi Seats + Rear Type R Door Cards
19. Version 4 STi Momo Steering Wheel
20. V5/6 STi Grille
21. S201 Shift Knob
22. Zero/Sports Radiator Shroud
23. Volk Racing Rays Lug Nuts
24. JDM Hazard Switch
25. Fozzy Double Cup Holder
26. JDM STi Gunmetal Cluster Bezel
27. V7 STi Leather Red Stitch Handbrake
28. 04 STi Steering Rack/Whiteline bushings/L&E Fab U Joint
29. JDM STi Multicolor Foglights
30. JDM Rear Aeroguards
31. Flat Fuel Door
32. JDM Tails + type R Trim
33. Polk DB651 Front Speakers
34. STi 1.3bar Radiator Cap
35. V5/6 JDM STi Cluster with Full Internal KPH to MPH Conversion
36. Roof Swap + Sunroof Delete + New Windshield
37. JDM GC8 Roof Vent
38. JDM STi type R "WRX" Trunk Sticker
39. OEM 22b Vents + S-Craft Backing Plates
40. JDM STi type R Front Door Cards
41. OEM Head Unit w/ Bluetooth
42. JDM V3 STi Sun Visors
43. Trunk Light
44.. V5/6 JDM GC8 STi Seats
45. Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Specs
46. Ohlins PCV Coilovers
47. Defi Link 52mm Boost Gauge + Controller
48. V4 STi Momo Steering Wheel - Take 2
49. 22b / STi Option Door Sills
50. GD Rear Subframe, STi Pink Pillowball Lateral link + Solid endlinks, Red 4/2pots + rear hubs, Hawk DTC-30 pads + Centric rotors
51. Group N Trans Mount
52. CNC'd Aluminum Roof Vent Latch
53. Polk DB561 Rear Speakers
54. STi Pink Pillowball Trailing Arms
55. Quarter Panel Swap + Lots More
56. Color Matched Sideskirts/Spats
57. Defi DIN Gauge Pack
58. Spec C Oil Cooler + Timing Belt + More
59. Type R + More Stickers
60. JDM Rear Wiper
61. Zero/Sports Downpipe
62. 23mm Zero/Sports Hollow Rear Sway Bar
63. Koyo VH090302 Hyper V Aluminum Radiator
64. STi Stainless Clutch Line
65. Endless Stainless Brake Lines
66. 23mm Zero/Sports Hollow Front Sway Bar
67. SG9 Forester STi 6 Speed Swap
68. Samco Sport Silicone Radiator Hoses + Coolant temp sensor and fix
69. Endless MX72 Plus Brake Pads
70. Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
71. Ohlins DFV (Road and Track) Coilovers + Mooresport Camber Plates F/R
72. 04 STi Rear Diff
73. Oil Cooler AN Fitting Conversion + Phase 1 AC Condenser
74. iWire GC/GD IC Cowl
75. VF42 + Maintenance
76. New OEM Center Console


1. Heater Core Replacement - Part 1
2. Fuel Filter
3. Fuel Pump Sender Gasket
4. ATE Type 200 DOT4 Brake Fluid
5. Clutch and Timing Belt + little bits
6. Driver's Side Inner Tie Rod
7. Rear Wheel Bearings + FL Ball Joint
8. OEM Shifter U-Joint + Return Spring
9. Passenger Side Valve Cover Gasket

1. Random Pictures
2. Photo Set #1: Michigan Weather
3. Photo Set #2: SNOW!
4. Photo Set #3: Car Wash
5. Photo Set #4: Trees!
6. Photo Set #5: Backroads
7. Photo Set #6: Thanksgiving Day Pics
8. Photo Set #7: Out of Business K-Mart
9. Photo Set #8: 2012 Snow Pics
10. Photo Set #9: New Years
11. Photo Set #10: At School
12. Photo Set #11: Kalamazoo Subaru Cruise - September 29, 2013
13. Photo Set #12: Fall 2013

1. First Auto X: SCCA Belle Isle, July 22, 2012
2. MSCC Belle Isle, July 28, 2013
3. SCCA Pontiac Silverdome Auto-X, June 8 2014
4. PCA 131 Motorsports Park, August 23, 2015
5. Furrin Group AutoX - 131 Motorsports Park - 10/25/2015
6. Furrin Group AutoX - 131 Motorsports Park #2 - 11/7/2015
7. Furrin Group AutoX - 131 Motorsports Park - 11/6/2016
8. GRIDLIFE Midwest - Gingerman Raceway - June 8-11 2017
9. GRIDLIFE Round #5 - Gingerman Raceway - October 7-8 2017
10. GRIDLIFE Midwest - Gingerman Raceway June 7-10 2018
11. Track Day to Pave the Way- Waterford Hills - 8-31-2018
12. GRIDLIFE Midwest - Gingerman Raceway May 30 - June 2, 2019
13. Detroit SCCA Summer Heat Solo AutoX - Schoolcraft College - June 30, 2019
14. The Speed Ring - M1 Concourse - September 21,2019
15. GRIDLIFE Fall Special - Gingerman Raceway - October 5-6, 2019

There are more pages than listed here full of information and documentation, so feel free to scroll through and search for anything specific.

------Mod List------


-V8 STi EJ207
-VF42 Turbo
-JDM STi ECU w/ self tune
-Zero/Sports 3in catted downpipe
-3in HKS Carbon Ti
-07 STi Fuel Pump
-WRX Power steering lines
-V4 JDM STi STi Radiator
-STi 1.3bar Radiator Cap
-Samco Sport Silicone Radiator Hoses
-Spec C Oil Cooler w/ Fuji Racing AN Adapter and custom made lines
-Koyo VH090302 Hyper V Aluminum Radiator
-Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
-iWire GC/GD Intercooler Cowl

-99-01 Leather shift boot
-WRX Pedals
-Defi Link 52mm white/green boost gauge
-Defi white/green DIN Gauge Pack
-DIN pocket in place of factory CD player
-V5 STi Gunmetal Radio Surround
-V5 STi Gunmetal Shifter Trim
-JDM Cig Lighter Surround Light
-Version 5/6 STi F/R Seats
-STi type R Door Cards
-Version 4 STi Momo Steering Wheel
-STi Aluminum option knob + STi 6 speed pattern plaque
-Fozzy rubber trunk mat
-JDM Hazard Switch
-Fozzy Double Cup Holder
-JDM STi Cluster Bezel
-V5/6 JDM STi Cluster with Full internal KPH to MPH Conversion
-JDM V3 STi Sun Visors
-22b / STi Option Door Sills
-CNC'd Aluminum Roof Vent Latch

-Ver 6 Bumper
-Ver 6 Fog lights
-RS25 RS Coupe Sticker
-Full Amber Depo Corners
-Genuine Front Painted Aeroguards
-JDM smooth bumper
-JDM Painted Spats
-Painted Sideskirts
-RSTi Badge
-Version 6 Genuine lip
-Genuine Green I Badge
-Genuine Ver 6 STi Spoiler and Trunk lid
-Grimmspeed Antenna Delete Plate
-Genuine STi Fender Badges
-Version 5/6 STi Front Grille
-JDM STi Multicolor Foglights
-JDM Tails
-type R Taillight trim
-L Roofskin + support bars
-JDM GC8 Roof Vent
-OEM 22b Vents
-Molding holes deleted
-STi trunk sticker
-STi type R QP stickers
-STi Quick Steering sticker
-JDM rear wiper

-SG9 Forester STi 6 Speed TY856WL4CC
-04 STi 3.90 Plated Clutch LSD
-04 STi Neutral Position Sensor
-V5/6 STi red 4/2 Pots (JDM raised text)
-R180 Rear hubs
-Group N Rear Rotors
-Endless MX72 Brake Pads
-Endless Stainless Brake Lines
-06 STi 11/16" Clutch Master Cylinder
-06 STi 1 1/16" Brake MC + Booster
-ATE Type 200 DOT4 Brake Fluid
-STi STi Stainless clutch line

-23mm Zero/Sports hollow rear sway bar
-GC8 STi Aluminum Control Arms
-GC8 STi Front Subframe
-23mm Zero/Sports Hollow Front Sway Bar
-Solid STi Front pillowball end links
-JDM STi Carbon Fiber Front Strut Bar
-Ohlins DFV (Road and Track) coilovers for GC8
-Mooresport Street front camber plates
-Mooresport rear camber plates

-Cusco Carbon Fiber Rear Strut Brace
-04 STi Steering Rack
-L&E Fab Steering U Joint
-Whiteline Steering Bushings
-GD Rear subframe
-STi pink pillowball lateral links
-STi solid pillowball rear endlinks
-STi Pink Pillowball Trailing Arms

-Summer:Rays RS Zeros with Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Specs
-Winter: Stock 5 spoke Goldies with Hankook Winter I*Pike tires

-Stock Subwoofer
-Polk DB651 Front/Rear Speakers
-2002 WRX Gas Tank
-05-07 STi Sender + Surge Box
-Deleted OBD2 Emissions
-Crutchfield Window Antenna
-OEM Keyless Entry
-Zero/Sports Radiator Shroud
-Volk Racing Black Rays Lug Nuts
-S-Craft Hood Backing Plates
-OEM Head unit w/ Bluetooth
-OEM Trunk Light Kit


-Initial Build - N/A EJ251

1. Acquiring the Impreza
2. Rewiring/Converting

-V4 STi Full Swap-
1. Acquiring the Clip
2. Phase 1 Complete: Drivetrain Separated From Clip
3. Rear End Goes In
4. Phase 2 Complete: Transmission and Turbo Crossmember Go In
5. Jake Saves My Ass (exhaust troubles fixed!)
6. Wiring Begins
7. EJ251 Comes Out
8. Wiring about done
9. EJ20K in and running!
10. EJ20K Debug
11. First Drive and Power Steering
12. EGT
13. Exhaust Video

-Out of Date Mods
1. Exhaust + Video (Now not relevant, as car is swapped now)
2. Goldies
3. WRX/STi Keyhole Light
4. V6 STi CF Strut Bar (No longer on car)
5. Leather Shift Boot
6. RSTi Badge
7. TiC Shifter U-Joint
8. Pink I Badge
9. CD Player Delete
10. Stoptech Brake Pads and SS Lines
11. Prodrive IC Coupler
12. Version 6 STi type R Struts/Springs
13. GC STi Intercooler Cowl
14. Cusco Carbon Fiber Rear Strut Brace
15. GReddy Boost Gauge
16. Ohlins Fixed Perch Struts/Bestex Lowering Springs
17. STi Tarmac/Gymkhana Springs
18. STi Showa Height Adjustable Suspension w/ STi Pink Springs + Group N Tophats
19. STi Intercooler Coupler
20. Defi Link 52mm white/green Oil Temperature Gauge

-Out of Date Maintenance
1. Toe In Issue Addressed
2. Bumper Paint
3. EJ20k Knock Sensor Replacement
4. EJ20k Valve Cover Gasket Replacement
5. EJ20k Oil Sender Gasket (plus bonus RX-7 content!)
6. Sunroof Motor/Relay Fix
7. Throw out bearing, pilot bearing, valve cover gasket, coolant flush Fix
8. Turbo Inlet + Engine Harness Refreshing
9. Intercooler Y Pipe Gaskets
10. Front Brake Replacement - Project Mu B-Spec
11. OEM Yazaki Spark Plug Wires + Coil Pack


They call me Garrett
98 RBP V4 STi Swapped RS
4,116 Posts
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Acquiring the Impreza

So, this is probably a much longer story than anyone may have for getting their car into their driveway. It involves a Russian man, a big truck, a church, drugged up middle schoolers, and Integra, pushing the car a mile and three of the 4 wheels working. Don't worry, i will explain.

So i bought the car on RS25, kind of in a rush as i needed a car for the summer/when school started as i wrecked my other RS. These are the links to the original ads. Why plural? Because there is always a story. I guess the owner of the car, two owners ago at this point had the car and it was hit while parked. Was totaled and promptly sold it to another guy on RS25 who used it for it's engine and transmission bits, who then sold it to me. Anyways, links are here:

First Owner on RS25:
Second Owner on RS25:

You may notice upon clicking any of those links the car is listed for sale in California. And you are right. I bought the car knowing it was gonna be a rust free shell (something we don't know much about here in Michigan) so the money spent on shipping it over here was well worth it to me.

So i sent money and went on a journey to find a shipper. I found a shipper that would ship the car for $950 from CA to MI, it seemed like a good deal so i jumped on it. Time went on and i got a call from the company while i was at work saying they didn't know the car was a shell (which i had clearly written to them in my description of the car) and they said they would need an extra $100 to ship it. Stupid. But i bit the bullet and said, whatever. I just wanted the car here.

So after waiting a week, i get a call from the Russian truck driver saying he'd be there in 20 minutes. WOOP! Pretty excited and i had taken the day off work to be able to be there when the car was there. 20 minutes later i get a call saying the truck driver couldn't make it down my street to deliver the car to my house. After a minute or so decided to have the car dropped off in a church parking lot a mile away from my house, as it was empty and i could drive up to the parking lot easily.

The trucker gave me a call and said he was there so i rolled over to the lot (had to ask my mom to drive me, sister took my other car. LITTLE embarrassing, but so is the rest of the story) and unloaded the car. She looked like this sitting in the parking lot.

I had also noticed there were no brakes on the car. I figured there would be, and i could just tow it home with my dad using my MX-3, but with no brakes i wasn't about to do that. I thought for a while and decided to leave the car in the parking lot and go home and try rounding up 5-6 friends to push the car home.

As it turns out, asking friends to help you push a car a mile with little to nothing is return doesn't work too well. Actually all but one was busy with work or something. It was about 6 PM and i really didn't want to have the car sitting in the lot overnight as it was a car with no engine, not on my property, with Cali plates and i didn't have the title yet. My friend and i HAD to move it.

My friend came over, and we also recruited my neighbor (NO idea what i would have done without him) and he drove over to the lot in my friend's Integra. What we were going to do was put straps on the front of the Integra and back of the Impreza, that way when we were doing down hills we could use the Integra as brakes. This seemed like a good plan, but we needed more people. That's when my friend's friend called. Apparently this kid was having a bit of a party that night and had lots of people at his house. All of them were bored (read: a couple high/drunk) and needed something to do. 15 minutes later there were three overfull carloads of people at my command to push this car to my house.

There must have been 18 people ranging from 13-19 years old, so we started pushing the car. Out on to the main road, quickly going and then into a neighborhood. At this point we already have weird looks, and the middle schooler all took our there iPhones and were recording the entire event (i still have yet to see the video, but i REALLY want to).

We got down the big hill that was the hardest part of the journey, and the little kids and drunk kids were starting to get bored. So a lot of yelling and screaming and general drawing of attention occurred. Kind of the opposite of what i wanted. We got some weird looks from people in the neighborhood, but no real hate towards what we were doing.

We had made it through the nieghborhood and were now on to my dirt road. Apparently some people didn't wear shoes... i guess that makes sense.

Person 2: "OH HELL YEAH LET'S GO!"
Person 2: "YEAH NAH!"

I dunno. Anyways, we power through the dirt and are finally on to my paved street. Everything is going well when all of a sudden there is a loud bang, passenger rear side of the car slams to the ground and the tire goes flying into someone's driveway. Shit. The rear bearing had seized up and literally sheared off the knuckle.

Well, we decided to life the car on to the jack my buddy had in the back of his car and try to push it with the one corner on the jack. Not happening. Eventually the neighbor who's house we broke down by (i don't like to use the words "broke down" as the car was technically already "broken" but.. ehhh) came out with a wooden dolly. Thank you neighbor! We lowered that car on to that and got down the street. The wheels on that started getting really hot (i wonder why) and the car was just sliding off the dolly. So we went to plan... shoot like at least F at this point. I ran to my neighbor who was helping us push the car's house and grabbed his dolly that was much bigger. Using that we pushed the car to my house and into my driveway. It was just about dark at this point and we tossed the car up on jack stands and called it a night.

I offered all the kids who had helped push the car pizza and drinks (soda) but they refused. Well okay? I then offered to drive them back to where they parked their cars... but i guess they wanted to walk. Well most of them. I ended up driving back one kid i had never met before in my life back to the church in my MX-3. 4 minute ride at most taking the long way and going slow.. and the only thing he managed to say was.. "So... this is a stickshift...?" to which i was like "Yep...", he then said "Cool.". It was all very silly.

So yeah, here is a picture of the actual journey we took to get the car home. I measured it out on google earth and it came out to be exactly a mile. The red dot is where the bearing sheared.

I snapped some pics while it was dark of the car in my driveway. Here they are:

And more i took before work when it was light out:



They call me Garrett
98 RBP V4 STi Swapped RS
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So, if you can see from these pictures and the pictures of the crashed RS, i had a few parts laying around. Well it just happened that this RS needed a few parts. The first issue that i had to address was the fact that the engine i had was a 99+ EJ251, and the 98s were wired for the EJ25D. To make this long story short, i moved over my entire wrecked RS (minus a driveshaft that was dead as hell) to this RS. This included all harnesses (engine, dash, body, doors, everything) to the RBP RS. We also put cruise control in the car and moved over fender braces. It wass very cool to see that the 98 model year had all the bolt holes for things such as the master cylinder, CC module, and fender braces although they had a piece of tape of the holes.

Then my dad and i dropped the in engine and trans. After i rewired everything and cleaned the car up. The pictures do a lot more justice in this post than anything else. Also a little bit of information i needed to do this swap was posted in this thread:

But yeah pics (i'll try to get them on chronological order):

The work has begun, and the STM RS is completely gutted to make use of all the parts.

Only difference in the 98 dash bar from the 00 bar was the SRS wiring, so naturally i used the 00 bar.

Moved the 5 speed pedals over, fuck who wants an autobox? Also moved the STM entire steering column over to have the CC on the steering wheel, and messing with clocksprings is just a waste of time in this situation.

All four corners out to have new bearings and such pressed in them. Didn't want them all to pop out. Also sparkler rain dance with a friend of

Seats, carpet, door cards, everything out to replace the door harnesses as well as the body harness as the 00 dash harness had different connectors than the 98 for all of them.

Looking at the suspension where the car was hit. Trailing link was bent as well as the strut, both replaced right then and there, however still had problems with it. Also just looking at the difference in bumper beams throughout the years as the engine bay harness was now wired for 00 fogs, i'd have to use the Ver 6 bumper. Which i like better anyways.

Neat comparison i tried making between engine bays

Motor finally in and connecting everything up

And some cosmetic issues addressed.

They call me Garrett
98 RBP V4 STi Swapped RS
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She Runs!

Not much else is needed to be said. But it can we watched.

All the rattling you hear in this one is all the tools and such haha.

They call me Garrett
98 RBP V4 STi Swapped RS
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^^ So i put that on tonight along with the kartboy hangers i bought.. i'll have some videos and pictures up tomorrow as it got dark and literally after i got the last hanger on it started to pour.

Sounds quiet as hell though and it's a lot better than having stock open headers.

Bit more power, and a lot more smooth too.

2005 Saabaru 2.5i
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That was quick! Hope it works well for you. I ended up with this because I drive near the police station early in the morning daily. After getting a noise citation with a leaky stock muffler, all was good with this one. You CAN still hear it if you get on it, though, even with a helmet on.

They call me Garrett
98 RBP V4 STi Swapped RS
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That was quick! Hope it works well for you. I ended up with this because I drive near the police station early in the morning daily. After getting a noise citation with a leaky stock muffler, all was good with this one. You CAN still hear it if you get on it, though, even with a helmet on.
Thanks again, and yeah i wanted to get it on that night because whenever i had seen cops around i had always pushed the clutch in, haha. I didn't want to get a noise citation. And it's definitely present when you get on it and there is a noticeable amount of power gain which is always quite nice :)

damn, that seems like such a hassle of a job. Looks great tho. Any other big plans to it?
Well, i didn't mind doing it. After what i went through with my first RS i felt as if the only way i could "get revenge" for sake of a better term, with driving i needed have an RS back on the road. Nothing else would work.

Plus i had the time, and it' all very simple. The way i see it, it's just practice for a swap that i plan on doing (which are my big plans).

I'd say if someone wanted me to rewire and drop an entire drivetrain into their car, i could have it done in less than 24 hours.

Also other big plans... i just really want to get that quarter panel fixed as well as paint the bumper.. sadly they cost money and i am running out of money i can spend on my RS quickly, as i know we all are :p

They call me Garrett
98 RBP V4 STi Swapped RS
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Slideshow of a lot of the pictures and videos I have taken and made thus far in the build.

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