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2005 Saab 92x Linear
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2005 Subaru Impreza M/T

Questions First:

Should I replace the service plate seal (Plate of Doom) if it is not leaking?
It has the metal plate...

Also, the rear main seal is not leaking, but I imagine replacing it is a good idea anyways? (I have one ordered)

Any tips on removing the cam pulleys? the flywheel is off but not the timing belt..

Part number for front crank seal?

The good stuff:

I have my engine out and am replacing/upgrading the following:

Painting intake manifold
Port intake manifold and throttle body
Steering rack bushings
Mishimoto radiator hoses
WRX radiator
Tomei timing belt guide
Street lite flywheel
2006 wrx clutch
2006 wrx fort
snout kit
SS Clutch line
Group N engine & transmission mounts
Kartboy transmission bushings
2006 2.5i valve springs
port and polish heads
Delta cams (1000 or 1500? I don't like the idea of a lot of valve train noise)
9mm oil pump
Kartboy lightweight crank pulley
Upgraded grounding wires
Headgasket & timing belt kits (including gaskets)

Something I am missing?

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You can also use a chain wrench on the cam pulley to hold the pulley still..that is of course if the timing belt is OFF already. Chain wrench's are very handy to have, and only about $15-20.

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The oil separator plate, you can reseal it since you have it out anyways, just make sure that you seal it really well so that it doesn't start leaking right off the bat and you have to pull the engine again.

The rear main seal I wouldn't really worry about too much. From what I've read those rarely ever leak...but again, you can if you want.

For removing the crank pulleys, you can try this method:

I believe I did that and it helped immensely. Just make sure you use your OLD timing belt for this.
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