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I was finalizing the installation of my lower dash and this problem started. Started off with putting a switch for my fuel pump (it's hardwired) near the fog light switch. I turned the key in the ignition, everything was okay; dash lit up, windows worked, headlights worked. I was curious about an electrical connection gray box with a screw through it to secure it, and I loosened it and then put it back together. Once I put everything together, it started acting weird.
I have no dash, no windows, no heater. Infact, it'd be better to tell you guys what DOES work: 4-ways, door locks, and I'm getting power at the blower fuses, and rear defrost fuses (#1, 2, ?).
I have been trying to diagnose the problem for two days now in the freezing cold, and have come up short. I didn't want to post help until I knew I needed help.
ALL fuses (Engine bay and interior) check okay (Continuity with Multimeter, along with voltage across terminals), I've checked the main relay, fuel pump relay, wideband grounds/fuses. I've also switched up relays with no luck. I looked all over the internet for an answer but again, no luck. Checked under the dash for shorts, cuts in wire, etc. No luck.
I have driven the car before, without the lower dash installed, and I've had no problem with the car until now.
Please help out guys, it's been a year build, I just wanna drive it :(
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