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Electrical help needed

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Hi I recently installed a rear strut bar. When I put the bracket in on the passengers side (one with the wire blocking), I ended up disconnectiong the wires from the trunk so I could put the bracket in. When I re-plugged them and turned the car on, the clock on the instrument panel was reset, and also the stereo was completely resetted. Then everytime I start ,my car again, same problem. When the car is turned off, I cant turn anything on (ie: map light, ashtray light doesnt turn on, etc). Can anybody help me?
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Uh oh. Something's fubar'd.

Sounds like whatever circut that provides a constant +12v when the ignition is off got toasted. First unplug and reconnect where-ever you disconnected to get the strut bar in (hint: most of us just push the wires out of the way) :eek:
If that doesn't take care of it, then it sounds like a trip to the dealer (probably an expensive trip, unless they don't know the problem may have started in the back.
i couldnt push the wires apart. I had no problem installing it on my friends car, but on mine the wires aere on really tight so I had to disconnect it. Ill try disconnecting the wires and re-plug them
Oops I should have posted this in the troubleshooting forum. Is it possible to fry the circuit by just disconnecting and reconnecting them:confused: . I have no knowledge about electrical stuff... so please give more suggestions! Thanks in advance
Probably a blown fuse, check all the fuses and then check that your bar isn't shorting any wires.
Yeah, I would think that you shorted something out. Just disconnecting wouldn't cause that problem but providing a path to ground could.

Nick C.
Did you plug the conecter back together backwards? Did you pinch any wires to ground during the install? There has to be a blown fuse some where. Check it for shorts to ground!
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