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EL MIRAGE trip Sunday 4-21

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Who's ready for dirt?

Sign up now! Spaces limited! (hehehe)
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i won't be able to make it but can you bring me back some dirt as a souveneir? :p

Any other input on this? No offense to HIC, but while I like the idea, I need other more reliable info on driving type before I sign up (and I need others to go along... don't fully trust her ;) )

SEAN!!! Where are you?!? Hey I posted this for you. You promised you'd take me!!!!

POST you little post whore!
Scott said he wanted to go, so lets get it together and go on sunday!!!
Thank You!!!!

So it's set. Sunday. What time?

Oh Sean... I can wait to show you what I wrote last night. Keep your eyes out on i-club for new and upcomming stickies!

Call me if we need to discuss plans.
(760) 803-1463
You should most likely ask scott as far as what time. Scott and his freinds are the slow to get up people.
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Marv has some training thingy this weekend.

How far is this place from scott's?

Is driving there illegal?

What time? Name it!
I say at the Carls jr at around 10:30.

It is about a hours drive from there.
Sounds good.

Ok Eric there's your info, if you don't trust me, do you trust Sean?

Who else can we get to go???


we have 4
i want more
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HotImprezaChick said:
Ok Eric there's your info, if you don't trust me, do you trust Sean?
Yes, I trust him. If for no other reason than he gets my name right

My Bad!

Sorry blacky!

I got very few hours of sleep last night.
I have to go find a job now. I'll see you Sunday.

Oh... is eric going too? Where is that PW?
Yes guys this is going to happen!!!!!

meet at carls jr at 10:30.

Just to let you guys know this is very flat driving, you can easily drive a lowered car out there and still have alot of fun. The only problem is it is very dusty, if your afraid to get your car dirty don't bring it. There will be many open seats in other cars if you want to come out and not drive. We could also pitch in and get a rental car and run it. If we do this we nee to make the arangements now so we can pick it up friday.
[email protected] SUBARU said:
There will be many open seats in other cars if you want to come out and not drive.

Although I would like to call shotgun on a ride in Sean's car! :eek:
I would also say (listen frakk) if you want to do alot of drifting change over to you stock tires you will round the edges quickly.

As for me, I will be spending most of my time running the roads around the outside of the lake. I will be more than happy to take people for rides, just don't mess up my seat or throw up on the carpet!!!!!:barf:
Don't worry. I won't drive your car half as hard as you do :biggest:
So it's el mirage then? uh... i have a question.. sean call me at home if you read this soon.. i have a quick question... someone was being bitchy yesterday
(760) 742-1463
Hehe. Sean: Car genious and relationship counciler
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