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02 RSX type S dd, 96 Brighton
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Ive got a 98' EJ25D with some bonus parts that recently had the head gaskets replaced professionally. This engine was running excellently when a broken axle killed my transmission. I will fire it up and send video to the buyer before pulling the motor if they'd like.

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As previously stated the headgaskets were replaced along with the water pump, timing belt and the other little bits involved with that job. This work was done professionally by a certified mechanic. (paid over $2000 for this job)

Parts included in the sale price:

-Tsudo header and catless midpipe (paid $400)
-this is the v2 with flexpipe in it, zero issues with fitment

-ACT StreetLite flywheel with new oem clutch ($280 for the fw alone)

-Megan Racing engine mounts, trans mount, and trans brace ($180)

This engine has less than 10,000 miles on the headgaskets, solid compression numbers and was rev limited to I believe 500 rpm below its normal limit in a 2.5rs because '96 brighton. I mostly drove it too and from school and never raced it. I loved this engine but i'll be doing a full blown turbo swap on my car once I get done with college.

I put this engine in my '96 Brighton using the engine harness of off the ej18 it came with.

FITMENT IS 100% YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. pretty sure you can get this into almost any 93-01 with little hassle but I'm not positive. I guarantee you can find out on this website if you put in a little effort. That's what I did.

The engine itself cost me over $1000 after shipping.

Considering the total cost I paid, I think this asking price is fair but I'm open to reasonable offers. The only trade I would be interested in would be a newer enduro bicycle.

asking: EJ25D with bonus bits

I also have an ej18 that was running when I pulled it. Ran pretty damn good for a 200,000 mile engine but it is what is.

Make an offer

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