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OK I need this **** gone asap. Ignore the price there and make me a legit offer. I won't entertain retarded lowballing but I'm willing to go below posted price! Lets move this ****.

So I started and turbo bottom end with an EJ253 top end build but life happened and I need to sell this stuff off and abandon the project :cry:

Listed out are the major parts, please look at the pics and see if there is anything else you need. As always prices are negotiable, some things I'll move on, others I won't.

If you need more pics ask.

-- EJ257 Pistons (good shape, moderate skirt wear, all A pistons) $75 Shipped

-- EJ253 Heads (Low mileage, swapped them for EJ251 heads on my 05 rs. Had approx 30k miles when pulled. Heads have recently been decked. No valve covers. Disassembled at this time but can send that way or assemble before shipping) $200 + shipping

-- 05 RS Big Plenum Intake manifold (with Throttle Body and fuel lines) $150+ shipping

-- EJ253 Cam gears (off 05 RS) make offer

-- 05 RS exhaust hangers - Make offer

-- EJ251 oil pan with pick up and baffle - make offer

-- EJ253 Coolant Crossover pipe - Make offer

-- EJ253 crank pulley (no bolt) make offer

-- EJ255 pistons (one had low compression, don't know if it was the rings or ringlands and don't remember which, so 3 good and 1 bad) $40 shipped

-- EJ253 timing components (gears, tensioner, rollers)(used, would use for temporary setup) $35 shipped

-- 2 7mm oil pumps from EJ253. Both need cleaned out from spun bearings. $25 shipped?

-- EJ253 Pistons with wrist pins and retainers, $50 shipped (~35k miles on them, pics on request)

-- 6 x BNIB Wiseco 100mm piston rings (no for subarus) $15 ea + shipping.

-- OEM TGV Gaskets - $5 shipped

EJ251 Timing Belt Cover

EJ255 Case Halves: (Cylinder walls look good, was from a higher mileage engine, will need a hone and should be good to go.) SOLD

EJ255 Rods (came from same as above. No spun bearings) SOLD

EJ255 Crank (from engine with low compression, no spun bearings, has been polished) SOLD

VF10 Turbo (from what I can tell, no shaft play at all, comes with elbow) SOLD

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