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In March 2018 of of the radiator fans on my Forester got jammed with debris and my engine overheated in the red for 2-3min minutes before I could shut it down. Over the next few months the car began to overheat more and more often till eventually I used a combustion leak tester which indicated the hg's were blown. Fyi, I just had the hg's, timing belt kit, water pump, thermostat all done back in September 2016 (by a dealership master tech). Even while it had the intermittent overheating it still ran extremely well and I did not notice any loss in power or torque / responsiveness.

Before the car overheated last year it ran flawlessly and never got hot even in traffic at 105 degrees. As of now I am running another EJ251 from a 2003 Legacy.

Anyways, I already sold the block just need to have someone get the heads

Heads are @ ~35k, so still very new

Compression #'s before teardown

Cyl 1 = 210psi
Cyl 2 = 212psi
Cyl 3 = 212psi
Cyl 4 = 210psi

$300 Picked up in the Bay Area

Should be able to just get the heads decked and put on with new gaskets and keep going.

PM if interested, thanks!

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