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Previous Subaru engines lasts well over 150,000 miles... I don't know about the 2.5 liter. Since Subaru has/will put this engine in most of their vehicles (even into the new Baja crossover vehicle), is the life expectancy going to be around this range? We put aftermarket intakes, headers, exhaust systems to allow the engine breathe easier/output more hp, but does this overwork the engine? We also put Cams and force air into the engine to better our enjoyment... The life expectancy of the EJ25 will surely be shortened, but is there anyone who would know for sure?

I honestly love my RS and when I see other cars that are faster and less expensive (Golf GTI/Sentra SE-R), I just turn away because I know I love my car too much to let it go. I plan to keep the RS until the car can breathe no longer, but I also want to prove out there that the RS has balls larger than any __(noun)__ both in racing and autocrossing. Long Live the RS!!! :biglaugh: :boxer:

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It may not live as long as the earlier motors because those used lower compression, less agressive cams, etc...The 2.5 as I see it is generally at the upper limits for reliability. But, it does run more efficiently. All the mods done to it are supposed to make it even more efficient, though the actual abuse is purely dependant on the driver. Take care of it with frequent oil changes, belt changes, and all your other maint. issues and it'll live a good long time.

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While i am sure i dont have the most miles on an ej25, I am sure that i have the most within less than a year and probably the most abuse in less than ayear.

I now have 53,700 miles with 15 days to go to make it a full year of driving.

OK here it goes.

About 10 auto-x's
4 TSD rallies, 1 of them being the PBX which is very harsh on the car indeed.
Various off-roading excursions having top speeds over 85MPH.
Crazy on-road drivng including hittin about 125MPH for a good 5-10 min straight.
And normal crazy driving which we will call extremely spirited driving for everyday use.

This all combines for the biggest beating i can think of in a car.
If you dont grasp what i am trying to say above, just ask Pinochle, Zephyr250 and McDade on the subject. They will let you know the real abuse i put on that car.

Oh i expect it to run for atleast 150K miles.

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