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1995 RS ej20g
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Hey y’all first time posting so let me know if I’m posting in the right spot... Anyways bought a 95rs with a ej20g swap months ago and have been having problems, finally got this turbo inlet boot from Japan and am wondering what this plugged port is supposed to be for, and if these fasteners are adequate or if there’s another way I should go about it. I’m far from knowledgeable so lamen speak would be appreciated, thanks.
Also down to make friends and meet up if anyone’s passionate about theses cars and willing to meet up in the Denver area and help me out, my baby needs a lot of work

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Top one is for the boost pressure valve. The other two are related to equalizing the pressure between the block and the heads, I think? Best to run everything as the factory intended, at least while you're troubleshooting. These ports are after the MAF so you can't afford them to leak.

Check out the pictures of a complete ej20g here: JDM 95-96 Subaru EJ20G Engine Impreza WRX GC8 4Cam 2.0L Turbo Motor Quad Cam – MD JDM MOTORS

Also, this one shows the BPV which goes between your 90* boot and the intercooler. It's necessary to run a factory style BPV instead of a blow off valve when running the stock ECU, or it runs rich when you shift and you lose performance.
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