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96 lSTi wagon.
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Hey guys so i decided to keep my car and make it better. I'm looking to do much needed maintenance and setting everything up for Auto-x/hpde events.

So far i've just purchased :
new valve cover gasket set for early ej20g from 42 auto
5 liters of extra-s for the trans(4) and diff(1)
1 liter of synchro max for the trans as well

New oil and filter are next on my list. probably gonna go with an oem filter and rotella 5-30 I assume I can get an oem filter for almost any subaru? Also I was looking into an oil cooler to make sure i don't overheat the oil or anything.

I would like to get a new water pump and timing belt kit as well, but not sure what kit i should buy, 02 wrx? 98-01 2.5 rs?
Also looking for a new oil pump, and same question as above

also need new plugs too. i have a wrx cop conversion so i'm good there. but new plugs would be good too.

am i missing anything else?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts