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im getting ready to purchase a used ej205 block. i have an 02 wrx and the motor seized.

So I got the heads off. The piston didnt hit them valves so im good to go as far as that goes.

Now I need to get together a list of parts im gonna need to buy

so far ive got

Water pump gasket (pump/timing belt was done 2 weeks before the motor blew)

i noticed the cams have some type of sealant around them where they sit in the heads, can i use any type of automotive RTV or should I buy some subaru liquid gasket?

anything else i should replace while its apart?

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Re-opening per user request, but I'll move this to General since it isn't a swap question...

mxpunk said:
why was my thread locked? the link you posted had nothing to do with what i asked as i have no intentions of doing a swap on either of my cars. im just trying to find out what else should be replaced while the motor out of my 2002 impreza wrx is being replaced (ie; shortblock)

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