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I'm having some issues with Subaru GC 8 Impreza STI.Car is bought from Japan, based in Estonia. Have 140 000 km on it and she has some problems around the years, and now it's getting annoying.

Problem started with rough idle, not like bouncy idle, but the story is like that -
I start the car, normal cold-engine idle is around 1400pm about 1 min and when i touch the gas pedal with my toe, then rpm falls to 1000 rpm and so on when engine gets warm it will drop to 800rpm wich is normal. But right now the car does this -you start it, idle goes up to 1600rpm to 2000rpm(highest i have seen), it depends of her mood - BUT it does it even when she is warm.I was driving on a empty road, just cruising around 90km/h and when i wanted to change gear, she just did a massive rev hang and the revs wont come down. When i force the car with a gear to drop the RPM's under 1000rpm and then hit a clutch, the RPMS will go up to 1600-2000rpm and will just stay there. The RPMS just stays at 1600, RPM is not bouncing like between 1600-2000, it just stays at one point. When i remove the Battery cable for 10 minutes, then she will do a restart and it's okay then for a couple drives, but it's guaranteed - it will happen again.
I have changed next parts - ALL OEM PARTS ! - air mass filter,ignition coil, spark plugs, spark plug cables, lambda, all the vacum lining and so on. I have cleaned the IDLE motor, it is clean and do not have any problems while working.
I did a diagnosis with my friend and we got some information. The car THINKS or it WANTS to have ignition at 40 degree, but normal is around 10-15 degree. When the IDLE problem happens, the car changes ignition position to 40 degree. Oil pressure is okay, compression is okay, engine have had a OEM Rebuilt - new gaskets, chains, main bearings and so on and on. The car is fully original, no bigger coolers, injectors, OEM ecu.

It seems, the problem is on IDLE motor, but i dont have any spare to take from Estonia, maybe I can find it from this forum.
Also, some of my friends have thought - maybe the problem starts from ECU - i dont know.

It's hard to explain, but maybe someone can help.

Greetings from Estonia
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