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Car is a 1998 impreza RS with 2006 WRX engine and ecu

So i've posted something up before, but i need some idea so i can finally drive my car.

While the car was down, the different shops who had my car (not LIC though) thought the problem was electrical and prodded/poked at the ecu connectors to check for proper voltage and to see if power was going where it was supposed to etc.
However, in doing this, many of the pins inside of the connectors that go to the ECU were bent and many have a very poor connection with the pins on the ecu itself. For example, if i turn the key to the on position, i can hear the fuel pump turning on and if I tweak the ECU, i can turn it on and off again because of a bad connection with the fuel pump pin.

Now i'm not exactly sure how to fix this. The pin holes for the ecu connectors are so damn small, no pliers or any tools of some sort would be able to fit in there. I cant remove anything to reveal the pins, maybe on the older models this was possible, but not the new ones.

anyone have any suggestions as to what to do?

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note: im nore sure which side of the plug (open side or wire side) youll want to poke something tiny in from. IIRC, each wire has a pin clamped on the end, and it has a little clip that locks into the plastic of the plug. slip something tiny in there to flatten the clip, and the wire with the pin will slide out of the plug (out the back/wire side). make sure you examine the plug and pins real carefully before you go jabbing away with a needle though. these are the ECU plugs we're talking about, if you screw it up youre REALLY hosed
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