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RHD Mafia
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Hey everyone,

With the success of our "5 hour swap" we're now feeling ambitious and want to clear out our shelves for future swaps :)

These prices DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING! Some of the larger but inexpensive things such as hoods, bumpers and trunks we much prefer local pickup, as it will be easier and cheaper. Of course, we will ship anything at your expense :devil:

Also NO DIBS!!! First with cash gets the items. We take PayPal and bank/personal checks. Personal checks will need time to clear obviously.

Please PM me if you want anything!

<img src="" alt="" border="0" width="500"></pre>

Here we go:

-2001 2.5 RS motor 40k miles (low miles!) $800 SOLD to skimafia
-1999 2.5 RS motor 100k miles $700
-2000 2.5 RS motor 80k miles $750 SOLD
-2000 2.2L motor 85k miles $500
-2000 2.5 RS long block 100k miles $500 SOLD
-Set of 2000 sohc 2.5 heads $200 SOLD to kostamojen

-Stock ECU's. We have a TON of them. $50-$75 range. All 2.5, 2.2 or 1.8 ECU's. PM for availability.
-Various airbag computers. PM for availability.
-2 99 RS/V5 STi maf sensors $35 each

-2 front KYB AGX struts. 40k miles. $50 each or $80 for both

-2 freshly painted doors with shaved moldings!!! Manual windows. Painted galapagos green. Be JDM! THESE ARE A STEAL AT $350
-AUTHENTIC Liberal jdm front grille for 93-96 models. Dark blue color. Needs repaint. $125 SOLD to FastFreddy
-Fiberglass replica Syms grille, painted white. Could use a repaint and some work to get the mesh to stay on $60
-Oem 1997 Legacy GT wagon sideskirts $60
-97 Legacy GT complete front bumper with fogs and beam. White. Small crack around passenger side fog light area on bumper $100
-Arcadia Green 98 RS rear bumper. Great paint, few small chips $100
-98 RS tail lights. Great shape $75
-96 L wingless trunk, that tealish color. Good paint. Some nicks and scratches here and there. $105 SOLD to a guy with a sti
-95 L front bumper. Brilliant red. Paint perfect $50
-95 L hood. Brilliant red. Paint perfect $65

-99-01 white face clusters. Unknown mileages. $85 each
-2 RS steering wheels, both black stitch. $45 each
-Set of 4 2004 STi door cards $350 for set
-2 full 2.5 RS dashes $350 each
-97 Legacy GT full dash $75
-RS rear deck lid cover $25 SOLD to rynine

-2 WRX tmic's. No y-pipes or hoses $50 each
-3 hood scoop splitters. 1 98 jdm V4 STi splitter (fits gc hood perfectly) SOLD, 1 WRX splitter, 1 04 STi splitter MAKE OFFER V4 STi splitter SOLD to meanbaby03
-AC compressors. Mostly 04+ WRX. PM for availability
-AC condensors. Mostly RS, some L. $75

Please direct inquiries via PM.

Pix to follow.

-ECS Team

RHD Mafia
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More space for pix

ECU's, lots of them:

Liberal grille, very jdm SOLD:

Random white grille, can someone identify what it is?:

2 oem WRX tmic's, no y-pipes or tubes, some bent fins, one has STi sprayed on it:

3 99-01 RS clusters:

Splitters. From back to front, 04 STi, 02 WRX, 98 V4 STi:

98 RS steering wheels (2 available):

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