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Dunlop SP Sport 5000

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Hey everyone. Everyone who drives on the stock RE92's know that those tires suck bad. I got the Dunlop SP Sport 5000 tires put on and they grip a lot better when I do my maneuvers (the stock ones screeched @ 25 mph at a moderate 90 degree u-turn). I got these instead of the better High performance tires because I live in Minnesota and I have to love my car all year round. This set grips a little more in the snow, but not as good as some Blizzacks out there. Does anyone have these tires and notice other characteristics of these?
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I am extremely pleased with my 5000's. I also feel that they do very well on snow and ice, maybe it's my excellent driving and not the tires, yea thats gotta be it.:biggest:
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