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Dunlop SP Sport 5000

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Hey everyone. Everyone who drives on the stock RE92's know that those tires suck bad. I got the Dunlop SP Sport 5000 tires put on and they grip a lot better when I do my maneuvers (the stock ones screeched @ 25 mph at a moderate 90 degree u-turn). I got these instead of the better High performance tires because I live in Minnesota and I have to love my car all year round. This set grips a little more in the snow, but not as good as some Blizzacks out there. Does anyone have these tires and notice other characteristics of these?
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I just got back from my first Auto X with the SP 5000's.

Man, compared to the RE-730's they suck. They break loose way too easy, they screech like crazy, and they are not as controllable as the RE-730s. BUT, on the plus side, they did not chew themselves to bits like the RE-92's do, and they are great street/snow tires so I am going to keep them for daily use.

I'm just going to get some Type R tires for racing! :lol:

BTW, I got my ass thoroughly kicked by a 1.8T Jetta with some fat Kuhmo Type R tires. By like 4 seconds! :curse:
At my Auto X this weekend two guys were dead set on standing on the high side of a wide sweeper. Before the race ever started we nicely told them we thought that was not the best place... they responded by saying "Thanks for your concern." They made it sound more like "Fuck you" but oh well.

So about 5 minutes into the runs some car goes sailing off course - a MR2 I think - and nearly runs them both over.

Then about 30 minutes later another car goes sailing off and nearly kills them. I finally told them "You guys need to move before you get killed - now!" and they kind of bowed their heads and shuffled off.

One more accident and I think our regions SCCA folks could have lost their insurance coverage - which means no more races! :curse:

Use your head out there people... Some idiots are running SP 5000's... like me... and I might wipe out! :lol:
Don't get me wrong - the SP 5000's are great on the street. Very predictable, very smooth, quiet, and handle the snow very well.

But when I'm nose diving into a corner on the track... :run:
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