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DUFFMAN Diff Installed!

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Ok I Bought Duffmans Diff on I-club for 50 bucks shipped to my door. Very easy install even with out any instructions:rolleyes:

Very nice welds and cuts. Nice shine as well! The spacers and hardware can be little bit better than big ass bolts as spacers!
But than AGAIN. It was only $50.00 buxks. Other than that, I work at A suby Dealer and MY cost on a rear SOA diff is 60-80 bucks!! Plus DUFFMAN cuts out most of the rear section for very easy rear diff fluids changes!!

If U want See if he has some!!!
[email protected]
Peace I 'm outta here!!
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It took me about two minutes to figure out that you were talking about a REAR DIFF SKID PLATE.
I thought... a rear differential for $50? Somebody's smokin' crack. Then I thought it might be a welded rear differential for full-on positraction. :) But no. It's a stinkin skid plate.
Ahhhhhh... I was going to say...

I didn't figure it out until the reply was posted. :lol:
I hope the poster knows the difference between a Differential and a skid plate....

My fault, fogot to put skid plate!!
I ned to get a L.S.D rear diff sooner or later!!
Damn 99's MAF problems and no LSD!!:curse:

But i got the Rally Blue Pearl!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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