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Drunk post whores post

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blah blah blah blah blah blah

how do you reset the ECU?



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Take out the kick panel in the passenger side floorboard to gain access to the ECU, unhook every wire from it, and then plug them back into different slots. This will reset your ECU.
But what about the third lug nut from the top on the left rear wheel? I heard that if you drove backwards for two miles, with that lug nut loose, that it was a shortcut. Is that true?

Whoever told you that was an idiot. You don't have to do anything with that lugnut. You just have to drive backwards for two miles, but it needs to be up hill and in third gear.
Whoever told you that was an idiot!! How is one supposed to drive backwards in 3rd gear? I'm sticking with the lug nut option as you seem to have now idea!:curse:

Where is Steven when you need him?

No, no, no. The car has to be in third, but someone has to push it backwards for two miles. If you try the lugnut idea you run a serious risk of overloading your temporal capacitor.
You SO don't know nothing about the ECU!! Overloading the temporal capacitor is only possible with while a 4EAT is in neutral while doing 25mph in a school zone.

You're thinking of the dur-a-blater valve near the off-link coupler.

What kind of drugs were you doing when you came up with that idea. The dura-blater valve has one function and that is to send a signal to the CS light as to when it needs to come on.

I am telling you that if you loosen that lugnut and drive backwards for two miles you will overload your temporal capacitor and be teleported back in time where you will have to make certain that your parents meet, fall in love and concieve you.
Templar's obviously smoking something... dude his parents were never in love! The conception was quick and dirty in a rest stop bathroom!
Dude, that is not only wrong, but it is just plain sadistic and mean.

I was just trying to make Snowman feel better, I mean he already has to use a strap on.
Me having to use a strap-on should have nothing to do with my abilities to reset the ECU. You can not make the CS light come on without first having a moment of subaru zen. And that can not be reached if someone is pushing your car backwards in 3rd gear!!!!!!!!

Snowman's the secret....first you gotta have a good amount of dura-lube ready, if you don't then I guess you could substitute some mobil synthetic, a heavy weight should do, then with your left hand, or your right hand if your left-handed (like all the canadians, but shhhhh!:run: ), you take the strap-on and....oh wait a minute, this is the post on how to reset the ECU....I'm sorry, just take off the exhaust from the catback, go to the mall and set off 10 car alarms while at idle....:drool:
Just unplug the flux capacitor for a half hour and be done with it! This will reset the ECU. Now where did I put that lightning rod.... :D
find the canouter valve, its located by the 5th muffler bearing on the right hand side of the turn this back out a 1/4 2 miles forwards, then turn it in 2 full turns and drive back home. Do a little dance around the car, give it a beer in the gass tank, and your ECU is reset.
There are almost as many opinions on how to reset your ECU in a BS manner as there are opinions on the correct way.
BWAHAHAHA I'm so drunk rught now....

I've got 15 people here... you guys poyr one for us, OK?

Mush voka in me rigjt now...


The correct method for resetting the ECU has been covered in excruciating detail under the Muffler Bearing Thread. Please refer any questions concerning said problem to said thread. Thank you for your time, and have a nice freakin' day.
Where is the muffler bearing located? I think mine may have went bad in the previous attempt to reset my ECU, per the uphill in reverse using third gear method.

I don't know what's going on, everytime I try this, the car just seems to lurch forward and stall. Damn those "Powered by ^&*@*%*" stickers I should have know the extra power would short my flux capacitor defibulator module causing the muffler bearing to ream itself.
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